Introduction to Stock Technical Analysis

Stock analysis refers to the methodology of predicting the upward/downward movement of a stock price based on a study of its company financials, the market forces controlling the demand and supply of the stock, and a host of economic factors.

The middle class debt problem

More and more people are falling under the shadow of the global credit crunch. While many people in working class areas have been feeling its effects for the past few months, the current economic downturn is now beginning to affect the more affluent.

How to change your life with a tenner

We are all aware of the power of money and despite what some people may say, a bit of cash can really change your life and your lifestyle.

How to save stamp duty when trading stocks and shares

Stamp duty is payable when you buy shares. As the costs of stamp duty can reduce the effectiveness of day trading, finding ways to reduce this tax can make the difference between profit and loss. Read this article to learn how to buy shares without paying stamp duty.