Why Get a Thatched Roof

A thatched roof is aesthetically pleasing. This article explores other benefits, including energy saving and reducing your carbon footprint.

5 Benefits of Thatched Roofs

The unique look of thatched roofs is often associated with rural charm and can add character. Here are five benefits of having a thatched roof in the UK.

What Are Thatched Roofs Made Of?

Thatched roofs are a fascinating blend of tradition, craftsmanship, and sustainable living. A variety of materials are used, we take a look.

How to Best Deal With Thatched Roof Pests

Protective measures are needed to prevent thatched roof pests, our article looks at 6 measures you can take, plus how to work with your thatch insurance broker.

5 Things to Check With a Thatch Insurance Policy

Delving into a thatch insurance policy, which is not the same as standard home insurance, we look at 5 key things homeowners should check and be aware of.