Static Caravan Insurance Online Discounts

With the overall level of inflation rising and in particular the costs of petrol and diesel rapidly increasing, many people are considering their plans for their summer holidays. A holiday can be expensive but how can these costs be contained?

Many people are turning to holidaying in the UK and specifically to holidaying in a static caravan.

Caravan parks are springing up all over the country.

Many offer fantastic facilities for families and with shops, restaurants and pubs often on-site you can choose to do the cooking yourself or have it done for you. All this coupled with a rural or coastal location to suit makes for a good holiday, even if the weather doesn’t play ball!

Whilst there are many static caravans available for holiday hire, there is also the option to buy your own static caravan. This could be a new caravan or maybe a second hand one.

Buying your own static caravan can have attractions, including of course that you can visit it as many times as you want with minimal extra cost!

If you own a static caravan though do remember there are costs over and above the purchase price eg the ground rent and insurance.

Static caravan insurance is an important matter. Consider what happens if your caravan is damaged, accidentally or even maliciously. You can take out insurance to cover you for the key risks that might arise.

There are many companies advertising insurance online. Be careful though that you understand the insurance that is being offered and critically that your caravan site is covered against the risk of flooding. With the problems with flooding, insurers are less keen to take on caravans in high flood risk areas and many won’t cover them at all. You might want to check out any caravan site you are considering and make sure it has not been subjected to floods in recent times.

There are opportunities to get static caravan insurance online discounts from some companies, perhaps up to a 20% discount on the annual premium cost.

By requesting a static caravan insurance quote online some web sites may give you a quote there and then, others will pass your details onto an insurance broker to get the quote.

As long as the site you are using is trusted, then passing your details in this way to a broker may be the best option as not only might you benefit from the discounted price, importantly by working with the experts you can make sure you get the insurance cover you need.

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