Technical Analysis: What are gaps?

Trading the gap up or gap down can provide excellent opportunities for the trader or investor. Learn more about gaps in this article.

Technical Analysis Charts – An Introduction

A stock's chart is a visual display of a stock's price information mapped over a period of time. In this article we explain the basics of technical analysis charting.

Types of Technical Indicators

There are many technical indicators used by analysts to study market indices and predict stock price behaviour. But one thing common to all indicators is that if understood correctly they can help predict stock trends and can be used even by the layman to enter into profitable trades.

High Value Home Insurance

If you own a high value home, standard home insurance may not be the ideal solution for you, rather you may be best to buy high value home insurance.

Trading Technical Indicators And Oscillators Explained

In layman's terms, technical indicators – also referred to as simply "technicals" – are nothing but short- to medium-term market trends used by stock technical analysts to predict future price movements in various stocks.