How to change your life with a tenner

We are all aware of the power of money and despite what some people may say, a bit of cash can really change your life and your lifestyle.

You may think it may take at least a year or two to save for one of those purchases that will really turn your life around and bring you happiness. However, new research suggests that you can change your destiny forever for as little as a tenner. Yes, £10.

No fewer than 24 million Brits claim that at some point spending as little as £10 has had a positive impact on their life. This may seem impossible, but when you think about it it is often the little things that can change our lives forever.

When people were asked what purchases had the biggest impact on their lives, it was things such as pregnancy tests, first driving lessons and first pets came high on the list suggesting that the key moments of our lives have very little to do with the amount of money being spent.

It seems that Brits are still fond of a flutter and lottery tickets and bets on horses top the list of ways to change your life with £10. Of course, both of these rely on a little help from lady luck.

Perhaps a safer ‘bet’ would be a life-changing book, film or album with came in at third. One third of people who took part in the Vodafone research reckoned this is the best way to change your life with a tenner.

Surprisingly, all of these were considered more life changing than the prospect of having a child, with pregnancy tests coming only fourth on the list.

Yet the benefits of making a small investment aren’t just limited to materials. Twenty four percent say they have bought a small gift that has significantly changed the status of a relationship and 22% claim to have improved a friendship with just the cost of a phone call.

You may think that these ‘tenner’ bargains are a thing of days gone by. Over half of people said they had that ‘money well spent’ feeling in the last six months and over a third have felt this way in the last two weeks.

In all, over half of the people surveyed said that spending a small amount of money can make a big difference. But what is the biggest difference you could make to your life with just £10? Here are the top 10 most popular things you can buy with £10 or less, the things most likely to have a positive impact on your life. So if you ever have a tenner spare, try one of these to see how it affects your life.

Top 10 Most Life Changing Ways to Spend £10

1.Lottery ticket
2. Bet on a horse
3. Life changing book
4. Pregnancy testing kit
5. Mobile top up
6. Buying future wife a drink
7. Flowers
8. First pet
9. First driving lesson
10. Antique from a car boot sale

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