7 Tips for Training for a Marathon

Maybe you put “run a marathon” down as one of your New Year’s resolutions, or perhaps trailing serious ground has been a part of your bucket list for a while now (maybe even a little longer than you’d like to admit). Either way, training for a marathon is serious work and requires the right kind of motivation to keep you moving towards your goals. Here are seven tips for training for a marathon.

1. Take Baby Steps

Fitness culture encourages us to push as hard as we can, so we crush our workouts. We end up overworking ourselves and tossing our P90X DVDs into the trash. Don’t let perfectionism discourage you from going at your own pace. If your goal is to run a marathon, start your running routine by training for a half-marathon. You will build your endurance gradually, which will give your body the strength it needs without muscle damage brought on by overexertion.

2. Pick the best running training shoes

Every go-getter knows that if you want to accomplish something big, the first step is to dress the part. Finding the perfect running shoes will set you up for success. You’ll feel more comfortable with quality sneakers, and you’ll want to keep running for longer so that you can show off your new footgear. Running on the tread instead? Check out the best running training shoes that suit your marathon training style.

3. Consider Fuelling Up Post-Workout

A lot of avid runners choose to get their morning run in before they eat breakfast. The need to avoid cramping is essential in order to endure long miles and distances. Some runners also say that a mini fast like this actually aids in their digestion and allows them to run with more energy. Make a carb-fuel breakfast your workout reward instead. Pancakes never taste better than when they’re earned. Earn your success.

4. Wake Up with Menthol-Infused Face Washes

Before you head out for your morning run, invigorate your senses with a menthol-infused face wash. Menthol naturally opens up your pores, giving you the feeling of an energy boost that you likely need first thing in the morning. You’ll also keep your face cool on hot and sweaty runs with a quick wash before you go. You can try Dove’s caffeine and menthol-infused face and body wash or acne scrubs by Clean and Clear to start your day refreshed.

h2>5. Envision Your Success

Running takes training and commitment. Spend some time visualizing after or before your workouts to help you keep your eye on the prize. Ensuring that your intention stays healthy will make you more likely to follow through with your workouts. Think it, dream it, become it.

6. Don’t Forget to Stretch

Working muscles need time to recover. Remember to stretch daily and include heat and massage methods to protect your tired limbs from wearing thin. Training is something new to your body, so you have to take extra precaution not to overwork yourself and cause injury accidentally. Many runners take up yoga or use foam rollers to keep their muscles and joints safe and limber. See what works for you.

7. Remember Why You Started

Running is a practice people take up for different reasons. Whatever inspires you to run—don’t lose sight of that. Make sure you are reflecting on your running goals every week so that you can keep your mind focused on what you truly want to accomplish. If you spend some extra time a few days every week to reflect on why you want to make running a part of your life, you will maintain your motivation and find that you have an easier time committing to your runs and strength-training workouts.

Running is a demanding physical sport with many excellent health benefits. If you want to see yourself running a marathon in the future, train with all you’ve got!

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