How To Stay Fit For Less

Perfect-looking people are constantly telling us we should be fitter. As anyone without a six pack knows, that’s easy for them to say.

Celebrities and exercise gurus have one key advantage over the rest of us: financial fitness. While some of us may be able to mimic their lifestyles, for most folk healthy living appears to test the wallet as much as the heart rate. We don’t have the funds for gym memberships and futuristic-looking equipment.

This is an easy trap to fall into. Actually there are many ways you can enjoy a better life without a hefty price tag. Here are just a selection of things you can do to achieve healthy living on a budget.

Out and about

Gyms are seen as a peak environment for focusing on your physical fitness. However they are also enclosed and lacking in fresh air. Whether you are a country or city-dweller, green spaces are free. They are also more interesting to look at than the envy-inducing pectorals of your fellow gym user.

The local park may lack the charm of a rolling hillside but the health benefits you receive outweigh any aesthetic issues. You can jog, ride a bike or take a brisk walk. Filling your lungs with the great outdoors is a good first step in achieving a healthier body and mind.

Stretching in a park

Up and at ‘em

Not having the physique of a movie star can lead to depression. Unsurprising when you’re watching said star whilst sitting on your settee with a calorie-laden snack.

Beat those negative thoughts by stopping sedentary behaviour. Take up outdoor pursuits, preferably in a group to boost your confidence. Replace that short drive with a head-clearing walk. Save money on tradespeople by completing small maintenance jobs yourself. These little factors combine and will make you feel healthier and more positive about life.

Use the media

All too often we feel the media is lecturing us about our lifestyles. It is easy to forget it can provide invaluable information and resources to the frugal fitness seeker. For example many celebs and their personal trainers give insights into their routines online, showing how it has helped them mentally and physically.

Don’t want to waste time surfing on YouTube? DVDs from a steady supply of influential personalities are always available. This is especially true around the festive period, when expanding waistlines are anticipated. You can reap the rewards with not a team of expensive advisers in sight.

Pre-owned equipment

Some may feel cautious about using second hand kit in their own home. While there is sympathy for that point of view in certain quarters, it ultimately makes no sense. What are you doing at the gym if not sharing equipment with dozens of other users?

Fitness with gym equipment

Cast off those preconceptions by seeing what is on offer. You’ll be surprised by the deals you can get on popular websites. Price comparison sites exist for exercise equipment just like any other big retail item. Locating the best deal has never been simpler.

Community resources

Though you may not be able to afford gym membership, there are plenty of related activities happening for free in your local area. Enterprising councils, community groups and companies recognize the entitlement to good health. In this tough economic climate the demand is being met via a range of initiatives.

Check out your local community centre. Visit your local library. Or better still, ask friends and family about how they keep fit for less. Word of mouth is often the most effective way of finding the best services. It also brings people closer together – community action is a wonderful resource in terms of achieving a shared goal.

When it comes to personal ambition, the realization of a healthy body and healthy mind are crucial factors. Better to realize this aim in good company rather than sweating away on your own. If you don’t have a strong support network around you, you can always find one online.

While you may not have the budget for a pricey exercise regimen, these money-saving tips will leave you all the richer in terms of your health.

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