Why Everyone Should Travel in a Group at Least Once

Have you tended to travel solo or with a partner in the past? Now could be the time to seize life and try something new. If you travel in a group with like minded people, it offers a completely different experience and is definitely worth trying at least once in your lifetime!

So if you’re thinking about planning your next adventure, read six reasons why you should consider going as part of a group.

Key Points

  • Group travel can be cost-effective, as the expenses for accommodation and attractions are spread among more participants, often unlocking group discounts.
  • Travelling in a group provides a more social experience, offering the chance to share stories and activities, which can enhance the overall enjoyment of the trip.
  • Group travel can foster new relationships and strengthen existing bonds through shared experiences, whether you’re exploring multiple nations or just touring locally.
  • Safety is enhanced in group settings, particularly when accompanied by an experienced tour guide familiar with local customs and areas.
  • Opting for a guided group tour minimizes individual planning efforts, allowing travellers to focus more on enjoying the experience and trying new things.

It’s Cheaper to Travel in a Group

Be it inflated staycation costs, or the costs of travel, you may be painfully aware of the mounting costs of travel. But a key benefit of travelling in a larger group is that you’ll be able to spread the cost between more people, or negotiate group discounts.

Larger accommodation usually works out cheaper than individual hotel rooms for example, while many attractions offer group discounts and promotions. Finding good deals with vouchers for meals and attractions can also be an effective ways of reducing vacation costs.

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The More the Merrier

Providing you get on with your fellow travellers, it can be more fun to travel in a group as exploring places together can be more stimulating than going alone. You’ll have more people to share stories with over meals and drinks and could feel more inclined to indulge and enjoy yourself!

You’ll Create New Bonds

Whether you’re planning a multi-nation adventure or if you’re opting for a small tour of the UK, it’s often said that the best part of travelling is the people you meet along the way.

Travelling in a group will help you see the world through different perspectives and could help you form lifelong friendships. If travelling with friends and family, your bonds will grow stronger as you share new experiences.

It’s Safer

The phrase ‘safety in numbers’ also applies here. Large groups are less of an easy target than individuals or couples, and there’ll often be wise individuals that you can rely on in high-pressure situations.

This point especially applies if you travel in a group with a tour guide. Their knowledge of local areas and customs will keep your group safe – it’s part of their job!

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There’s Less Planning Involved

If you’re someone who likes to switch off while on holiday, booking a tour will give you reassurance that the finer details are all taken care of by an expert.

Your tour guide is likely to have vast experience both of the local area and of arranging group travel, so you can sit back and leave the planning entirely up to them.

You’re More Likely to Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

From activities to food, travelling in a group could give you greater confidence to try things you might not otherwise consider. A great idea might be to go on a hiking trip to Southern Italy as there can be some challenging trails that would be very fulfilling to undertake with a group off like minded people.

You’ll have the support of your peers and can take their lead when you need to. Sometimes peer pressure can be a positive thing!

They say you shouldn’t knock something until you’ve tried it. Could this year be the year you travel in a group of adventurous and fun loving people?

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