5 Ways to Save Money by Being More Sustainable

Living a sustainable lifestyle doesn’t only come with the perks of saving the planet. It can also help to save you money as well. So, what are some ways to make this possible? Don’t worry, we have a few ideas you can use to help you live a green life and save you cash at the same time.

Kick single-use products to the curb

We know that it isn’t easy to stop using single-use plastics, but making even one step toward kicking the habit can make a huge difference. Making sure you always have a reusable bottle on hand for drinking water or your other favorite beverages will really change your single-use bottle consumption. You won’t feel pressured to buy a bottle of something while out and about if you already have one with you.

We also suggest getting a bottle with a design you like. The more you like it, the more likely you are to use it. Plus, you really can’t go wrong by staying hydrated. You will be saving money by not buying a few bottles a day, and you will be saving your body from harmful chemicals that can be found in some single-use plastics.

Make money saving upgrades

Since we have spent most of our time at home this year and last year, we probably are well aware of the home upgrades we want to make. Perhaps you refinanced to cash in on those low interest rates and now have a bigger budget for home renovations and upgrades. In any case, you are ready to keep investing in your property and take the steps necessary to make it last as long as possible.

One of the best ways to do this is by starting from the top. By having energy efficient roofing systems in place, you can create a safer environment for your family, possibly cut down on energy costs, and increase the value of your home, all while expanding its life expectancy.

Make your own household cleaners

Sustainability can come in many forms, and one that you might not think of is making your own cleaning products and storing them in glass bottles. This saves you from spending money on expensive and harsh cleaning chemicals you find in plastic bottles, and makes it so you are cleaning with effective products for a fraction of the cost.

Invest in a set of versatile glass bottles, and you can fill them with whatever cleaning products you create! There are so many concoctions to choose from, and you most likely already have the supplies in your home (water, vinegar, and rubbing alcohol, we are looking at you). This means savings are happening on multiple fronts. Sounds like a massive win to us.

Meal prep instead of getting takeout

By using reusable meal prep containers and cooking your food at home, you can cut costs significantly and live more sustainably. You won’t be creating waste with those Styrofoam containers and plastic cutlery. Plus, you can find meals that work within your budget and don’t add a hefty sum to your shopping bills.

We know that it won’t be easy to cut eating out completely, so if you do eat out, try to pick restaurants that keep sustainability in mind. Whether that means they use recycled products or they let you bring your own to-go containers, be smart about where you decide to eat out and what businesses you choose to invest your money into.

Be aware of your energy consumption

By analyzing your energy consumption through your electric company, you will see your usage patterns and when it is at its highest and lowest. You can make it a point to reduce energy usage during peak hours, which in turn can help to lower your bill and your overall carbon footprint. By unplugging unused electronics, turning lights off when they are not in use, and not having electronics running for background noise, you will be making a difference.

Know that no step is too small when it comes to sustainability, and no amount is too small when it comes to money saved. Happy saving, you’ve got this.

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