Modern Designs for Modern Lifestyles

Sleek, clean lines, minimalist. These are the design ideals that appeal to the trendy young people who are setting out on the property ladder, looking for that trendy apartment that is more than a place to live, but is also a statement.

It’s an exciting prospect to be finally looking for an apartment after saving up for the deposit and working hard to qualify for a mortgage. Maybe you are moving in with your partner for the first time and life is looking good with lots to look forward to.

Buying the apartment is the first challenge, but then the fun starts as you, and your partner visit shops or browse online for the furniture and furnishings that will make your new property your own. Things can get expensive, though, unless you set a budget and spread out purchases as the salary cheques come in.

Designer brands

If you want to make a statement about how on trend you and your design skills are then, you probably want to incorporate some designer brands such as Lloyd Loom chairs into your furnishings. Do you really need that designer sofa though? Why not buy a cheaper version that still has the quality but hasn’t got that label cachet.

Perhaps you can up the design stakes by buying some cushions from a recognisable brand instead or, and this is clever, splash out on a small amount of designer crockery so if you make your visiting friends a drink, they will be impressed that you are using sleek and well designed crockery.

Used sparingly, designer brands can make the statement that you are trying to make without breaking the bank.

Modern Apartments

There are plenty of new apartments being built in most cities that are specifically targeted at up and coming professionals. They will have been carefully designed with minimal design goals in mind. The kitchens are probably small, but functional. There will undoubtedly be an en-suite bathroom and living space that will meet your leisure and social needs. A large screen TV for example?

For the image conscious professional, however, it isn’t just the appearance of the apartment that matters, but how the ambience of the apartment building feels when you enter through the main doors.

Does the appearance of the entrance foyer match the promise of your apartment. Is the foyer clean and minimalist, modern and inviting? There may be lifts, if the apartment block is big enough, but if not, stairways can still be inviting, particularly if they have the best frameless railings to add that touch of design class.

Cutlery arranged on a table

Going the extra mile

Whilst we live in a world of great product designs – you only have to look at Apple products to appreciate how their design excellence creates a sense of ownership desire – it need not be expensive to create a statement about your personal products and appearance.

Going to extra mile in modern living is about careful choices, careful budgeting and having a flair to understand how small flourishes can have a big effect on your overall statement.

Of course, appearances are one thing, but maintaining a healthy lifestyle is also highly important. If you want to work hard and play hard, then make sure that your body can cope with burning the candle at both ends.

This is where keeping fit and having a good diet is important. If you are a vegan, or lean towards vegetarianism, then it may be sensible to consider the carefully prepared breakfast jars and salad bowls from Freedom Jars that being gluten free can ensure that you stay on point throughout your busy days.

Enjoying life, enjoying your choices

There is no question that making those first footholds in your career, putting some. money aside for a deposit and then finally signing on the dotted line for your apartment is a tremendously exciting time in your life.

It’s challenging too, as you become responsible for mortgage payments and determining how your life is going to progress. However, the joy in being able to decide what to buy, how your apartment will look and how you live your life is unmatched.

Budget carefully, look after yourself and have fun!

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