Make Extra Cash in Time for Christmas

The Christmas period is always the most difficult, with more individuals feeling ‘the squeeze’ year on year. If you want to earn a bit more money this year, why not consider taking up one of these extra money making ideas.

Part time courier work

As the Christmas period rapidly approaches, many people will be looking for couriers’ help to transport packages, gifts and even removals.

Setting up your own weekend courier service is an extremely simple and low cost way of raising funds in time for Christmas. All you need is a car, an outgoing attitude and some courier Insurance from the likes of Quote Me Today.

Finding work is simple; you can advertise on local listings websites as well as reply to ads looking for couriers or removal services.

Sell things online

If you have lots of stuff lying around the house that you don’t need or want, you could make significant amounts of money selling them online.

Technology sells extremely well during the Christmas months, so why not sell your Xbox 360 or PS3 if you rarely make use of it. Alternatively, you could try your hand at some up-cycling, turning old unused items in to new, interesting objects.

Bar work

Christmas is a great time to take on bar work. As the festive season kicks in, many pubs and bars look for additional staff to deal with the surge of customers. Work is easy to come by and requires little experience, making it a simple yet fun job.

Pay isn’t the best, however if you consider the hefty tips you receive over the festive period, you can end up a lot more money than you bargained for.

Freelance writing jobs

If you’re a good writer, you could look online for freelance writing jobs. There are many sites you can sign up to which you can find work on. Some websites operate on a bidding system, allowing you to bid for work against other writers.

If you’re a fast and talented writer, you could find yourself with a well-paid job that doesn’t require leaving the house.

Paid Surveys

Paid surveys aren’t the best way of making large amounts of money, however when done alongside another job, can provide ample income to subsidies your Christmas shopping. With some surveys paying as much as £5 for completion, there’s a lot of easy money to be made.

Medical Trials

Taking part in medical trials is a great way of generating cash quickly. Depending on the trial you opt to take part in, you could be paid as much as £3000 for as little as a week’s work.

Medical trials are on the whole extremely safe and there’s always a good chance you will end up being on the placebo trial. The best thing about medical trials is that they don’t require any work, you just have to relax in a room with a bed, some books, the TV and as many DVDs as you can pack in your suitcase!

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