Ways to Know if Online Job Opportunities Are Legit

Placing big red circles in the newspaper when looking for a job is a thing of the past. The internet has become the #1 place to find new posts. However, how can you know that the positions you are scrolling through and applying for are legitimate?

Unfortunately, some people use the internet to promote fake jobs in the hope of getting people to pay upfront for staff training, criminal checks or something else – and these jobs are an absolute 100% scam. Soon after payment, the job advert vanishes, and you are left with less money and still no new career.

So, don’t get caught out by fake job adverts online and instead use the below information to know when an online job advert is 100% legitimate.

1. It Is Listed on a Well-Known Site

The first way of identifying genuine jobs is by only using renowned job search websites. Stay away from unheard of job sites or non-exclusive job sites like Reddit or Craigslist. Instead, only search for jobs in Leeds, Liverpool, London or any other UK city using JobRapido or sites of similar legitimate recognition.

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If you want to use a recruitment agency – or even start a recruitment agency – also take care to execute the same due diligence.

2. The Company Exist (on Google too!)

The most telling factor is a job is legitimate is by recognising the location of the job and the company. Legitimate businesses are registered in the UK and on Companies House, freely accessible online. If you are ever unsure, search Companies House and use Google to tell you more about the company. Never rely on a single website to tell you a company is real.

3. The Job Description Is Detailed and Logical

Another way to spot jobs that are not real is by looking at the job description. Actual posts will provide a detailed description and look to have been written with care and attention – not copy and pasted with spelling errors or typos. Also, does the description stack up against the role and is the pay appropriate for the job. Some scam jobs will try to lure applicants with excessive salaries that are unrealistic for the role.

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4. Genuine Contact Details Are Provided

Sometimes a scam job will hide behind a real company with genuine openings. They will use the reputable business and pretend to be them by only changing the contact details, so the scammers get you to contact them instead of the real employer. This trick can catch even the best of us out, so make sure you verify the contact details on the advert with their genuine contact details found on Google or their official website.

5. They Don’t Ask for Money!

Lastly, no job advert should be requesting money from candidates upfront. This is a huge red flag and if you spot this sort of advert, close the tab and report it if possible.

The same sort of scam jobs can be advertised as remote positions. Therefore, you also need to know the legitimate ways of making money online to avoid being caught out by these employment scams as well!

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