Design And Decors of The Bathroom – How to Wow Your Guests?

Sometimes you dread walking into your bathroom and want to have a complete makeover. The bathroom needs design and décor that makes you feel comfortable. However, many homeowners don’t know the most straightforward and inexpensive bathroom ideas to help you achieve the desired change.

This article has a list of fresh design and décor ideas for all bathroom sizes. You can visualize the design you want to achieve and pick a few insights that will wow your guests. These are inexpensive and easy updates, including some that you can do without needing professional help.

Let’s get started.

Repaint your Bathroom

Wall décor should be the first thing to consider when remodeling any room. In the bathroom, the wall paint sets the mood, and that’s why you should be careful with the painting. A simple, fresh repaint can transform the overall look of your bathroom and make it look completely new.

Start with finding a paint color that matches your bathroom décor. You can get inspiration from things like the color of a free-standing bathtub if you have one. Thankfully, you do not need to go for gloss paint these days. Mixing modern matte paints with some additives makes them perfect for bathrooms.

Upgrade Faucets and other Hardware

Another excellent design idea is to upgrade your bathroom hardware. This means replacing faucets, installing new drawer pulls, introducing towel bars, etc. You can also replace your old bathtub with a modern bathroom free-standing tub.

This is because stand-alone items look great almost anywhere you place them. Free standing tubs will definitely bring something unique into your bathroom. And, they come in a wide variety of shapes, lengths and styles. Such quick and easy additions will make your space fresh again.

You’re mistaken if you think that installing or replacing these fixtures is daunting. First, these items are easy to find today as many online stores stock them. With a few clicks, you can find a collection of free-standing bath tubs, a stand-alone tub and shower, or free-standing tub accessories.

Upgrade Towels and other Linen

This is an inexpensive idea that will bring a fresh look into your bathroom space. Old and mismatched linen in a bathroom can be dull and can make it look untidy. The best thing to do is throw those away or donate them. Go ahead and replace them with new linen that matches your bathroom décor.

For towels, choose the best quality and color that will transform your space. If you want to change rugs, go for soft and fluffy ones but don’t forget to keep color in mind. Your shower curtain should also have a color that coordinates with the towels, rugs, walls and other items.

Use Wall Art

Do not stop at painting your walls with fresh paint. Leaving the walls blank doesn’t add enough beauty to wow your guests. Including wall art in the plan can bring a unique look into your bathroom. The visual impact that wall art will help you achieve if you use it correctly is unmatchable.

One of the best ideas is to have your favorite painting on the bathroom wall. Canvas materials are water-resistant, so this shouldn’t pose a future problem for you. In addition, wall art is something you can do by yourself, making it inexpensive. The aim is to bring something refreshing to your bathroom in the end.

Install Lighting Fixtures

Budget-friendly lighting can significantly transform your space. The truth is outdated fixtures will make the bathroom lose its modern feel. Investing in new lighting will bring a significant difference to the space. The good news is that you won’t run out of options with the wide variety available in stores.

But then, you also need to draw inspiration for your lighting from various things. For instance, the items you have in the bathroom should help you decide on the lighting color you’ll pick. If looking for efficiency, modern LED lighting fixtures will be an ideal pick for you.

A modern bathroom

Update your Bathroom Flooring

You can also achieve the desired look in your bathroom by changing your floor. This is because the floor and walls are some of the things that catch someone’s eye quickly when they enter any space. Thus, the best thing you can do is find affordable and modern flooring for the bathroom.

With flooring, the available options will spoil you for choice. But the vinyl floors will be better for a bathroom because they’re waterproof. It would help if you also thought about color when choosing a floor. Good coordination from the floor to the walls and ceiling will bring the desired feel.

Think About Storage

An organized bathroom looks completely different from one that’s not disorganized. This makes it vital for you to invest in good storage in your bathroom. If you already have some storage, think about improving it with a wide range of fixtures.

For instance, you can add pull-out drawers that will make it easy to store various items. The best thing is that this is a simple upgrade that you can make within a day. No bathroom is too small to have storage; all you need is to maximize the available space.

Bath Tile Dupes

Dull tiles can affect the look of your bathroom and the entire home. Removable adhesive tiles are an excellent pick for you if looking to upgrade your bathroom tiles. The best thing about these tiles is that you can work around them without any technical knowledge.

They are easy to install and won’t damage the surface beneath them. In addition, you can also use these tiles in an apartment. This is because they’re easy to remove without causing any damages on the floor of the rented house and costing you.


These are the best decor tips that you can implement when looking to update your bathroom. Start by deciding what you want to achieve after the makeover. Then refer to this list to identify some of the best additions that will help you achieve the desired look in your bathroom.

A stand-alone tub and shower or free-standing tub with shower could be all you need to achieve the desired look. You could also achieve a perfect look by applying fresh paint or installing simple lighting fixtures. All these are inexpensive and simple ideas that you can implement effortlessly.

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