Why Airport Lounges are the Best Option at the Airport

A busy airport terminal

Airport lounges seem to be the new thing people are adding to their pre-holiday checklist. But what are they, what do you actually get for your money and, ultimately, are they really worth it? Here’s what we think.

What Are Airport Lounges?

It’s a myth that airport lounges are only for the elite members of society like celebrities and other wealthy, important individuals. Other than some limitations on specific airport lounges, anyone who pays can enjoy sitting back and relaxing away from the hustle and bustle of the airport departure lounge. Situated after you’ve made your way through check-in, luggage drop-off and security, there’s no need to wade through crowds and sit down on an uncomfortable, metal cold chair that goes right through you. Airport lounges are an option at most airports that adds a touch of luxury to your trip whilst you wait to board your flight.

Finding the Right Airport Lounge for Your Trip


If you’re flying for business, the likelihood is travelling for work is something you do frequently. Buying an annual pass for airport lounges may, therefore be a great choice for you, guaranteeing a comfortable place to sit and work during those unsociable hours. With speedy WiFi and charging points for your devices, you can even comfortably get 9-5 started no matter what time of day you’re flying. Starting from just £69 for annual passes depending on who you book with, that’s just £5.75 per month, compared to a £20 one off payment.

At such a small cost, it’s one you can submit as work expense. If you’re travelling a lot, it’s also worth seeing if your air miles can guarantee you a free lounge pass or two.


Add something extra special to that mini break, or your honeymoon and get holy matrimony off to a great start. Ask for it as your wedding gift and you won’t even have to pay for it. With adult only lounges available, you can enjoy a more romantic setting and toast a complimentary glass of prosecco. You can even get Promo Codes For spa treatments at some lounges, including Executive Lounges. Book in for a massage, facial or a selection of other treatments and really pamper yourself.


A lot of airport lounges will accommodate the whole family, and even come with play areas where your child can rid themselves of pent up energy before boarding a flight. No need to tear your hair out keeping track of your offspring in a busy airport or feel guilty for disturbing other holidayers.

The teenagers can plug themselves in and there will be no whinging about being hungry, having to queue up for yet another bottle of Fruit Shoot. Save the pennies on feeding your tribe and avoid the 39% of airport expenses being held up in dining and stocking up on snacks with complimentary food and drink at your disposal.

Is it Worth the Money?

Food and Drink

Avoid premium rates slapped on a bottle of water and snacks just because you’re in the airport. Spend anywhere from £20 to £40 on your lounge booking and you’ll getting sustenance included in the price. No need to be £52 a head shorter, according to Loveholiday’s airport expenditure study.

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You can log in to exclusive WiFi, not slowed down and clunky by thousands of people. Kids can be entertained with special screen time privileges and you can take the time to check yourself in on Facebook to let all your friends know where you’re off to.


Why risk the chances of securing a seat in the first place when you’re going to find it pretty uncomfortable, anyway? Airport lounge seating offers sofas and armchairs you can sink into. Time will fly in a more relaxed environment where you’re not simply staring at a screen for those magic ‘boarding’ words.


Some airport lounge bookings come with free fast track passes through security, saving you up to 10 minutes of time depending on when and where you’re travelling from. Your fast track pass may even include being one of the first to board. As well as fast track, you can also book in a spa treatment, complimentary glass of fizz in hand.

Time spent in an airport is nothing if not stressful. From luggage allowances to long queues, crowds and your children running riot. Take the edge off and book yourself in at an airport lounge. Not only do you avoid the anxieties of the airport, but you can treat yourself to perks like bubbles and a massage. Make time fly before you fly and get Netflix up on their speedy WiFi.

However you choose to use your airport lounge pass, you’re certain to feel more calm before take-off. Yes, it might just save you money, but more importantly it also gives you a priceless start to your holiday.

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