How to Plan a Great Honeymoon

Honeymoon is that special time when you get to bond with your spouse at an all-new level, regardless of how long you’ve known them. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime event that gives you and your partner time away before beginning your new life as a married couple. To make the most of this special experience, it helps to plan things out to the last detail so that there are no unpleasant surprises at the destination.

Here are 7 pro tips that honeymooners find useful when planning their much-awaited newly-weds’ getaway.

Start planning as soon as you can

Just as a good wedding is best planned months in advance, it doesn’t hurt to plan your honeymoon as soon as you possibly can. This helps not only in cost savings but also gives peace of mind to both partners. You can take the time to research well and look at the minute details and fine print of the honeymoon packages on offer at your shortlisted locations. Many couples in fact switch their preferred destination to a place that offers a better deal and a greater overall experience.

Pick your location wisely

What is going to be the overall duration of your honeymoon? Are you or your spouse averse to long flights? Do you prefer a beach honeymoon over others? Ask each other these questions and then decide on a location that will have you spend less time on travelling and more at the venue itself.

Because of their proximity to the US, Caribbean islands make for a perfect honeymoon destination for couples who don’t want to spend excessive time and money on travel. Indeed, you can have one extra night at your luxury resort at a closer destination with the extra money you’ll pay for a flight far out.

So, research well and pick a destination and a luxury all-inclusive deal that packs in all the essentials of a romantic getaway minus the stress and the additional expenses.

Set a budget

You may have no qualms about splurging on your honeymoon, but it helps to have a budget. An expenditure threshold helps in faster decision-making and also encourages you to look for exclusive deals and vacation packages that can save you a few hundred dollars.

Creating a budget

Bonus tip: Saving up on your flyer miles is a great way to minimize honeymoon travel costs.

Be selective

Choose your resort or hotel after due research. Go for the luxury beachside property if you can afford it. Check what all they offer on an all-inclusive special deal for honeymooners and if they have adults-only areas on the property. Also find out if the couples’ package has any special treats such as complimentary spa, romantic candlelight dinner, free night with a minimum reservation, and so on.

Check out some of the best Caribbean honeymoon destinations that offer all-inclusive deals so that all you’ll have to worry about on your honeymoon is how to make the most of this special time with your spouse. Compare prices and you’ll most likely find that you’ll end up paying much less for a package than what you’d pay for each inclusion separately.

Visa and passport

Check beforehand if your chosen destination requires you to apply for a visa. For instance, you don’t need a visa to travel to many of the Caribbean islands if your travel is for tourism; all you need is a valid US passport.

If your spouse does not have a valid US passport, ensure that they get one before you make reservations; else, choose a destination where US passport is not required. For instance, US citizens don’t need a passport to travel to Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance is a must-have

Even if you are 200% sure to complete this much-awaited trip, travel experts recommend that you buy insurance nonetheless. You can’t predict unforeseen circumstances such as sickness or bad weather, which may cause you to cut your trip short. So spend that little extra and buy travel insurance.

Discuss each detail with your spouse-to-be

While this is advisable, it may not be possible if you’re planning to surprise your future spouse. Nonetheless, it is important to consider your fiancé’s likes and dislikes when making reservations for your honeymoon. Do they want to go to the beach or explore a historic city? Can they comfortably take those many days off work? Even when planning a surprise, consider this and more to ensure that this turns out to be a pleasant experience for your spouse.

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