Fine And Rare Wines: Make Sure You Have The Right Insurance

Prices of fine and rare wines continue to rise and more people are turning to investing in them as a good alternative asset. Such investments must though have the right insurance cover in place. We take a look.

Why Use Travel FX For Your Foreign Currency?

Taking holiday money abroad is becoming easier as more companies offer a variety of currency exchange solutions, so we look at why you may want to consider using Travel FX for your foreign currency.

Could an IVA be your debt solution?

Despite the amount of credit paid off by Britons increasing last year, personal debt still stands at nearly £1.5 billion. According to the Insolvency Service 135,089 Britons faced bankruptcy or obtained an IVA last year.

The Importance of Having Life Insurance

Not many people will relish the idea of taking out life insurance after all, few of us will like to be reminded of our own mortality. We should though always make a point of having plenty of safeguards in place and that is exactly what life cover is. Here are 3 of the most common questions that people will ask regarding this type of insurance.