Your Outdoor Event Checklist

Now that you need to plan an outdoor event, it’s best to keep yourself up to date with arranging what you need to do. There are a lot of preparations that come into play, including food, stands and signs to draw attention. Outdoor advertising is no harder than inside, in fact, it can sometimes be more enjoyable.

There are some vital things you need to do before confirming your outdoor event, including checking the venue. You need to ensure the space has everything you need, can you set up all of your exhibits there? Is there enough room to have food and drink? Ask at the venue for more details.

When planning to host an event outdoors, make sure you can find a use for all of the facilities. If you have any specific things in mind that you’d like to do, figure out where you can place it all before booking.

Make sure your business stands out, simple things can make all the difference – even if it’s having a flag or a display stand. Perhaps have fun events to attract more people to your stall and keep it eye-catching. If you’re outside, whatever the weather, it’s best to have a gazebo available, which you can also get branded with the company name. You can find affordable ways to promote your business and ensure your brand is noticed.

Stacked chairs at an outdoor event

Ensure you’re stocked with essential supplies. If you’re playing music or using anything else where power is needed, you’ll need a power station and extension leads. Otherwise, you might need to kit yourself out with pens, tape, notes and business cards.

Once your stands are organised and you’re stocked up, make sure you’ve got the right staff ready to go for the day. Anyone working on the stall will be representing your brand, so they’ll need to be able to talk with customers and have in-depth knowledge about the brand. When your stand gets busy, your staff should be well-trained to make sure they can effectively communicate with visitors so you don’t lose any custom.

You may not be hosting an event which needs a full table of food, but it could be worth getting some cakes and cookies to hand out to people. Whether you have a donation box or you’re giving them away for free, it’ll definitely bring some visitors to your stand. Perhaps offer some soft drinks alongside your tray of goodies too.

Event planning

Specialist planner Eventbrite urges people to have a backup plan just in case of bad weather hits. If you’re planning on using the outdoors to your advantage, a backup option is essential, otherwise, you may be sorely disappointed on the day. Marquees and pavilions are the best way to ensure you’ll always be sheltered, even if you don’t end up using them.

If you’re planning an event for the first time, it’s worth going over the tips and seeing what will work best for you. Consider any hiccups and try to work around it – you’ll find the day runs a lot smoother when you have a backup plan.

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