Why You Should Try Laundry Sheets Instead of Washing Powders

Talking about laundry with a friend is a strange topic of conversation, however a few months ago a very good friend mentioned that he and his wife had started to use laundry sheets instead of the normal washing powders that come in those huge boxes.

His wife suffers from various allergies which had persuaded them to look for alternative washing products that did not irritate her skin and were also more beneficial to the environment than the often harsh detergents that are found in washing powders. This is how they switched to using laundry sheets, and it was our chat about allergies that led to my friend recommending them to me, as our daughter has delicate skin too.

What are laundry sheets?

Basically, laundry sheets are strips of material that are impregnated with special liquidless detergent that you place into the drum of your washing machine along with the clothes that are being washed. There is no need to add washing powder to the drawer of the washing machine, as the special detergent in the laundry sheet has been carefully measured to provide effective cleaning, even in cold washes.

Three are quick and easy to use and some such as the Tru Earth laundry detergent sheets are designed to completely dissolve during the wash cycle so you are not hunting through the wet washing to find it once the cycle has ended.

Laundry strips are good for sensitive skin types

In order to be effective at low washing temperatures many biological washing powders contain enzymes that digest the dirt particles in clothes, however this biological action can cause irritation for those with sensitive skin.

Some laundry products and cosmetics contain chemicals such as parabens that are antibacterial and anti-mould agents. Parabens have been approved for these uses, however, as they are absorbed through the skin there have been some reported cases of sensitivity to these chemicals by people suffering from eczema or dermatitis. 

By using hypoallergenic, vegan friendly and paraben free detergents, laundry strips have been designed to be used by people with the most sensitive skins, so households can use them without being concerned about skin irritations.

Safe for the environment

The strong detergents in most washing powders are flushed out of washing machines into the waste water sewage systems and eventually find their way into the environment. Chlorine bleaching agents in washing powders can also end up in water courses. 

It is good to learn that many laundry sheets use far more environmentally friendly detergents and are also free from chlorine so using the sheets can benefit the environment in comparison to the frequent use of other laundry products.

As laundry strips only weigh a few grams, and yet can clean a load of dirty washing effectively, they are less bulky to transport compared to conventional washing powders, which reduces their carbon footprint significantly.

When you consider that an estimated 30 Billion loads of washing are done in the USA every year, there is potentially a huge benefit to the environment from switching to laundry strips.


We are so used to reaching for the familiar box of washing powder at the supermarket, but there is now an alternative in the form of laundry strips. Innovative products such as laundry strips can not only make laundry days a bit easier, they can be safely used by those with the most sensitive skins as they use hypoallergenic detergents.

So by switching to laundry strips, you are not only reducing the chances of skin irritations in your household, you are benefiting the environment too.

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