Why Your Business Should Be Investing in EHS Software in the New Financial Year

Does your business use EHS software right now? Perhaps not, and if that’s the case, there will be many aspects of looking after environmental, health and safety matters that are causing your organisation some issues.

From confusion over compliance to swathes of time swallowed up in reporting, not having EHS software really does pose some serious problems.

How do you make the case for investing in EHS software? If it was as straightforward as “we’ll prevent more injuries and avoid more illness”, everyone would be using it already. So, here are a few key reasons that go beyond the (undoubtedly important) human cost of investing in EHS software in the new financial year…

Investing in EHS software will save your organisation thousands of pounds

One of the biggest hurdles to using high quality EHS software (such as the kind provided by suppliers like Airsweb) is the fact that it costs money.

It’s always hard to justify extra spend, but where EHS is concerned, it really will pay-off in the longer term.

EHS software should ultimately lead to lower safety related cost as a result of fewer injuries. Fewer injuries result in less time lost, less pay-outs and far less by way of reputational damage or missed bids, too. It can also do away with the need for costly legal fees, and it can also lead to a lower Experience Modification Rate which in turn lowers insurance premiums too.

As you can see, you’ll easy recoup the money you invest, so now that you’re in the new financial year, make sure it’s a priority when the budget’s being allocated.

You’ll improve accountability and visibility this year

There are typically many individuals involved in a robust EHS policy in an organisation, and the process can become quite complex. That’s why EHS software is such a good idea: you’ll be able to see who is responsible for specific tasks, as well as having visibility over statuses and KPIs.

You’ll have access to data that informs better practices

Perhaps one of the strongest selling points of EHS software is that it won’t only help you to track what you’re doing and what needs to be done, but it also provides your organisation with an invaluable wealth of data. Provided you learn how to interpret and act upon this data, you can use it to improve your EHS strategy and make informed decisions in the future.

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Compliance will suddenly become a lot easier with EHS software

Another benefit of using EHS software is that it makes the ever-changing world of EHS regulation easy to comply with. The rules and regulations that apply to businesses change on a regular basis, and even those of us familiar with the HSE website will struggle to keep up with what’s required.

Use software to make sure you’re up to date with regulatory changes, draw on guidance if you or your colleagues are key decision makers, and use it to identify any gaps in your compliance record too.

Reporting will be much more straightforward

>Reporting in any industry is time consuming, and that’s true for EHS too. Use high quality software to draw data from multiple sources (including different locations all over the world) and run it through programmes that help you to make sense of what you’re looking at. Streamline your reporting, save yourself time and effort, and share those reports with the necessary people via one centralised platform.

As well as all of the things above, you’ll also notice some intangible benefits if you invest in EHS software in the new financial year. For instance, good quality software means you can spend more time on people than paperwork, resulting in improved morale, improved safety culture and improved EHS effectiveness across the organisation.

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  1. When we pitch our software, we usually can pitch it as a cost savings. If you can ensure your software has online safety awareness training included you can save a ton of money by not going on the pay per course route. Costs of EHS software will vary wildly so do your research and it’s very possible it will be a savings for you if you choose wisely!

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