Why Bother With Family Travel Insurance?

Planning a family holiday can seem like organising a military campaign – there are hundreds of things to remember, and it’s easy for things to go wrong. Good family travel insurance is not only essential, it can save you money in the long run.

When they go well, family holidays can be the highlight of your year – and give you some of your most treasured memories.

But the sheer number of things that can go wrong makes organising them a daunting prospect – as an aside, our article on ‘Things to tick off before your holiday‘ may be useful!

With the ever-present threats like sudden illness, unpredictable accidents, lost baggage and cancelled flights, you need to find some way of keeping your peace of mind.

That’s where good family travel insurance comes in. Whether you’re planning a short staycation or making a bid for the Parent of the Year award with a trip to Disneyworld, it pays to arrange the right family travel insurance cover.

These are some of our top reasons for doing so.

1. Family travel insurance can save you money

These days, most of us understand the importance of arranging travel insurance.

But unless you’re careful, it can get expensive – especially if you arrange separate cover for each person travelling with you.

That’s one reason why family travel insurance is so attractive. As with other joint policies, it costs less to cover your whole family than it would to insure each person individually.

Better still, many family travel insurance policies cover kids for free – a great incentive for large families to sign up.

Some policies do have limitations, though. So check the fine print to see whether your policy requires two adults to sign it jointly, and whether it requires both signatories to live together.

But don’t worry if you’re in a single parent family. Single parents can also take advantage of family travel insurance, with some policies for single mums and dads covering up to four children (under 18s) in the policy.

So if you want to spend more on your holiday – and less on preparing for it – family travel insurance is great option.

2. You can travel separately and still be covered

Just because you have a family travel insurance policy doesn’t mean you have to travel together in order to be covered.

Both parents and their children (when accompanied by an adult) can take individual trips and still be covered by the same policy. That means there’s no need for individual or one-off travel insurance policies when dad goes away on a golf trip, or when one of the kids heads overseas to sporting glory.

Many family policies are bought for a year and cover all trips taken by all family members within that time – meaning insurance is less thing to worry about when you take your next trip.

3. You can be covered for UK travel too

It might seem a waste of time and money to insure yourself for UK travel, but you may benefit from the fact that many family travel insurance policies do cover UK holidays.

If internal UK flights are cancelled, you may be able to claim on your family travel insurance policy – an added benefit if your cover lasts all year.

4. You can tailor the policy to suit individual family members

Buy family travel insurance

If a family member has a specific medical condition, or one of your family members has a reputation for being accident prone, you’ll want a policy that can cover individual needs. Family insurance can do just that.

Policies can be tailored for to suit individual medical requirements, families travelling with young babies and any family member who requires extra cover for sports.

This keeps you covered individually, and together, for less.

So if you want to save money, save paperwork and the hassle of having to buy new insurance every time a family member goes on holiday, you certainly should bother with family travel insurance.

To find the best deals, be sure to visit price comparison sites like Confused.com or Quotezone Travel. Bon voyage!

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