What to Look For in a CV When Recruiting

No business can succeed without a skilled, hardworking team. Building this team can be a major challenge for a business and it is important to take your time with the recruitment process. This way, you can find those that will represent your business well, provide the best possible service to your clientele and make your company a better place to work. Going through CVs can be a challenging process, so what should you be looking out for to find the right people?

Does it Grab Your Attention?

First, you should look out for any CV that makes you do a double take. When you have hundreds of CVs to sift through, you will want ones that jump out at you and grab your attention. Be on the look-out for creative CVs that are specific to your industry, as they show that the applicant has taken time and effort to really show you why they should be considered. Creative CVs may include funky colours, graphics and depending on your industry, may even come in various formats like a video or an infographic.

Is it Polished?

You should also be on the look out for a CV that is polished and stands out for the right reason. CVs that are littered with spelling errors, grammatical mistakes and clunky layouts will be an immediate deterrent and show a lack of care, thought and consideration for the role. A polished CV speaks volumes about the candidate and are worth taking a look at.

Does it Clearly Demonstrate Experience & References?

It’s always a good sign when an applicate proudly displays their past jobs and references. It shows that they have nothing to hide and is usually a result of having good relations with their previous employers.

Teamwork and collaboration

This is why you want pay particular attention to those that clearly display their previous experience and have pride in their career to date as it can help filter out applicants who may want to avoid you getting into contact with people they may have worked with in the past. That said, if a CV is ticking all the boxes but has a lack of references or previous experiences, you could always get in contact and ask the applicant to provide anything you may need.

Is the Personal Statement a Good Match?

The personal statement is a key aspect of any CV and provides the applicant a chance to demonstrate their personality and separate themselves from the other candidates. In addition to being a statement that is clearly tailored to your job vacancy, you also want to try and find those that would be a good match for your company and your existing team.

Is it Worth Your Time?

It can get boring sifting through an enormous pile of CVs, so you should always set out a number of specific boxes you are looking to tick so you can end up with a group of applicants that are likely to fit your requirements and not waste your time.

Some of these requirements might include a specific location, a certain number of years’ experience and even qualifications. Although this might extend the process and the costs, it’s crucial you do everything you can to get the best team possible. If you’re struggling, limited company loans might be useful with this process so you can invest more time into expanding your team or even help you find additional help through recruitment agencies so you can fully ensure that you do not rush to fill a vacancy.

Hopefully, our tips will help you to start finding the right people for your company and allow you to build a team that will take your business to new heights. It can feel arduous going through endless CVs, but when you know what to look out for, it can make it much easier to find the right people.

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