What is Three mobile phone network up to?

I have been a long term customer of the Three Mobile Network, however I switched to giffgaff recently, mainly because of reception problems in our town centre and when we were in France earlier this summer.

Having free calls and data in Europe is great, but if you can’t get good enough reception to make calls or access the Internet, then there is no point in being with that network, so goodbye Three!

Three does offer some stonking deals, though. Particularly when their retention team swing into action when you request a Pac code so that you can switch to another network.

So I am intrigued to see that Three are stating on their website that their prices are now the lowest ever.

Great offers on the Three website

Also they are giving away a £50 Amazon gift card when you subscribe to one of their new plans. That offer ends on September 1st so if the Three network works for you, then I would switch to them this month so that you can take advantage of their lowest ever prices as well as buy something nice from Amazon with the gift card.

There is something else going on with Three that is interesting too. Visit their website and you will see this text at the top of their home page:

Be in the know. Register your interest and be the first to hear about new devices launching from Three.

By new devices, do they mean the new iPhones that should be announced early in September? I can’t think of any other new major brand phones that are due for release soon. Can you – tell us in the comments below?

My betting is that Three is trying to generate interest and pre-orders for the new iPhones. They may also be trying to clear some existing inventory with their Amazon gift card offer.

I’m guessing, though, so to find out the facts, I have registered my email address with them and I’ll let you know as soon as I hear what this intriguing news is.

It would be amusing if it resulted in me returning to Three as a customer, but I think they need to improve their network first.

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