Types of Online Casino Jackpots

The term “jackpot” is immediately enough to turn the heads of millions of gamblers across the world, mainly because this is the No. 1 overall aim for most people. Of course, that shouldn’t be surprising at all really, because winning money is the reason why most people gamble in the first place, and nothing evokes the feeling of winning money as much as the term jackpot. It is a definitive casino buzzword, and one that has been gaining even more weight over the last couple of decades due to the crazy increase in online gambling at www.cozino.com.

Online casino sites have a huge amount of competition to contend with these days, and this means that each platform must try as hard as it can to attract new gamblers. One of the best ways is to rave on about jackpots, mainly because this word suggests that there are huge prizes on offer.

In reality online casino jackpots can come in two main forms, the standard jackpots, or progressive jackpots. Both have their merits and negatives, so it is important to have a well-rounded view of each. Read on for a discussion of the two main types of online casino jackpots.

Standard jackpots

Standard online casino jackpots are definitely the most common to find across the vast online casino world, mainly because pretty much every single game that is possible to play will offer them as a base prize at least. Standard jackpots can come in many different shapes and sizes, but the main thing to remember is that they are always fixed, regardless of how many losing bets are placed, or indeed how many bets have won. In the world of online slots it is a little more difficult to pin down standard jackpots, because many games offer multipliers, and this means that the ultimate jackpot depends on the size of your stake.

Jackpot spins

There are, however, many slot games that offer a tiered jackpot system, with their typically being a Mini, Major and Mega jackpot on jackpot specific online slot games. Elsewhere in the online casino universe standard jackpots are easy to find, with online table games such as blackjack or poker all having their own standard jackpots, as well as things like bingo.

Progressive jackpots

Now then, if you thought standard jackpots were exciting, just you wait until you hear about progressive jackpots, as these are the things that really get online casino gamblers excited in the 21st century. Basically, a progressive jackpot is an un-fixed prize that increases after every losing bet, and they can often get stratospherically big.

Moreover, most progressive jackpots these days are linked to a network, with the Microgaming Progressive Jackpot being the most famous example. Progressive jackpots can be incredibly large, and one courtesy of the Microgaming classic Mega Moolah is the largest jackpot ever won on an online slot, with £13.2 million being won by an ex British solider called Jon Heywood – imagine the look on his face!

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