Top 5 Facebook Applications to Get Business Leads

Remember the time when Facebook was just that app to accept friend requests and talk to literal strangers? Social media has evolved to be something way more than just just an informal ground where people just scroll and socialise. The genius of understanding that this a portal to talk to our target audience has emerged in our mind like an eureka for quite some time now.

Now, the pandemic has opened our eyes to a new dynamic where social media has become a life saver. Our only direction is to reach out virtually when our physical state is stuck within the confines of our home.

When talking about social media, we can never forget our first prodigy that changed the outlook of the world. Yes, I am talking about Facebook.

So sit back as we bring to you the top 5 Facebook applications to get business leads.

Facebook Applications You Cannot Miss

Digressing from the fact that setting up an advertising campaign in Facebook is absolutely free, there are several compelling methods why you should use Facebook for increasing your business leads.

  1. It can help you reach the highest number of audience.
  2. It gives you a bigger and better canvas for your advertising.
  3. In contrast to the more youth dominated status of the other social media, Facebook will always have a plethora of diverse audiences from all age groups.
  4. It is also a targeted digital advertising platform.

Increase Your Conversation Rate With Facebook Groups

Creating groups is another feature in the Facebook toolkit. This is exclusive to this application and can be used as an excellent tool to converse with all your target audience or loyal customers.

You can also scout through different groups and join them to understand the needs, wants and desires of the people.

Use Facebook’s Younger Sibling Instagram

Instagram is youth dominated but at the same time if your business is more targeted towards the younger generation then you can make excellent use of this. Instagram provides you with aesthetically pleasing features that can help you advertise in an articulate and innovative manner.

Other features like stories and live can assist you in gaining an active audience and do not forget the magic of influence marketing. Instagram is the biggest place for influencers and if you want to see them driving calls to your business then don’t just scroll but use this application today.

Direct E-Commerce

Why go through the trouble of opening another website when you can have your store and the audience under the same platform. Facebook is a great place to open your e-commerce store when not only will you sell directly to a customer without the complication of a middle man but also get the opportunity to talk to them and understand their feedback directly.

Facebook can be your personal business ecosystem where you can grow and nurture all under the same roof.

Live Chat

Snapchat could be the father of storytelling but Facebook began the trend of live videos. When you go live, you attract an active audience who are interested. Think about it, in any other post people will view it; maybe click that like button but that doesn’t guarantee them to be a lead.

However, with facebook live, every person who is volunteeringly joining your streaming is either an ardent user of your product or has gained in intrigue in using it. It will be much easier to increase sales volume with them.

Additionally, the efficiency of buyer to seller communication through live chats is always high. There is also a chance of increase in customer engagement. You can hold casual conversations, feedback sessions and even concerts to build that harmonious relationship with them.


Yes, I know. Just a paragraph before I mentioned Snapchat to be the father of storytelling but we cannot deny that Facebook is OG. It was created for the purpose of storytelling, where people could write long paragraphs about our graduation or that vacation.

Needless to mention, storytelling brings people together as we can relate to them. Marketeers all over the world use this method when it comes to gaining leads through the EQ [Emotional quotient]. So, what better place for you to start with some influencing posts and tear jerking corporate ad videos other than Facebook.

Your Goal Is To Express

Your final goal is not to impress your customer with throwing a bunch of innovative jargons and masterpieces. The only reason marketers are growing business with Digital Marketing is because it humanizes the business. It allows people to see behind the scenes rather than just seeing the finished product.

With Facebook, you will also get the opportunity to see your customers as people rather than just selling points. It is the expressive and humility filled nature of your business which is going to make all the difference.

Happy Marketing!

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