Top 5 Customer Loyalty Schemes in the UK

In tough economic times, consumers are looking to save where they can, so it’s no wonder that customer loyalty cards are becoming more and more popular.

Customer loyalty cards have proven to be hugely successful when paired with a solid relationship marketing strategy, which in turn has led companies to offer long-term benefits for customer loyalty.

Here are our top 5 customer loyalty schemes for money conscious consumers.


If you like to shop for luxury goods once and a while, having a loyalty card with the likes of Harrods can enable you to make a few extra special purchases a year, especially around birthdays or Christmas.

Their highly successful scheme created alongside ICLP Loyalty enables customers to gain points on every purchase, which can in turn be spent either in store or online. With online registration, taking part in Harrods’ customer loyalty scheme has never been easier.


One of the UK’s biggest high-street names, Boots have a great range of incentives for loyalty card users. For every £1 you spend, you stand to gain 4 points on your card, which equates to 4% cashback.

With a number of additional in-store deals such as double point promotions, loyal customers stand to make 8% savings through the Boots loyalty system and by keeping all your pharmaceutical spending with Boots, you could end up making over £100 in savings a year.

This is by far one of the most generous customer loyalty schemes and should definitely be taken advantage of.

John Lewis

The John Lewis loyalty scheme isn’t as generous as the likes of Boots but this is primarily down to the fact that you are much more likely to spend more money with them.

The cashback rate of their loyalty card is only 1%, but this can all add up if multiple large purchases are made throughout the year. There are other benefits to the John Lewis card, namely the ability to gain points shopping at Waitrose or Ocado. If you shop regularly with these food retailers, you could end up making ample savings in the long run.


Seeing as Sainsbury’s are one of the most renowned supermarket chains in the UK, there are many advantages to joining their customer loyalty scheme. Despite only offering 1% cashback value, because of the huge number of retailers that Sainsbury’s have partnered with, participating consumers can gain points very quickly.

The Nectar card scheme allows can get you discounts for holidays, petrol and hotels, so it’s well worth taking part.


The Tesco club card offers the best cashback rate of any major supermarket (2%), and when you consider that they are the largest supermarket chain in the UK, it’s more than likely that you use their services every week.

Customers can also increase their clubcard points by making use of a number of club card vouchers, which can double your points on selected items.

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  1. Am I a lone voice in thinking that if these companies ditched their loyalty schemes (saving the substantial costs of running them) and simply discounted their products we’d all be better off.

    More reasons to shop at Morrisons, me thinks!

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