Top 10 Exciting Facts About NFT

The introduction of cryptocurrencies has been one of the most talked-about technical breakthroughs in recent years. Since its inception in 2007, it has risen to popularity owing to its uncontrolled market and ability to be used globally.

Along with the growing prominence of Dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies, one of the most significant advancements in cryptocurrency this year has been the introduction of NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens. There are still many things that people don’t aware about NFTs and cryptocurrencies, which are revolutionizing the way artists may sell and earn from their work.

What is NFT?

NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, are a form of digital asset similar to art, music, video games, and so on. They are purchased and traded online in return for cryptocurrency coins. For example, when an NFT is sold, the author receives a commission in the form of bitcoin. Therefore you should be always aware of the current Bitcoin price.

However, NFTs are interchangeable, i.e. not fungible, as opposed to cryptocurrencies. Jack Dorsey, the co-founder of Twitter, sold his first tweet as an NFT for more than $2.9 million. Digital assets are exchanged online using exchanges that support NFT trading with cryptocurrencies.

Furthermore, whereas cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are all equal, NFTs have a distinct asset and value. NFTs have been around since 2014, but they are just now getting momentum.

How does NFT Work?

NFTs are separate tokens that are part of the Ethereum blockchain and include additional information. The essential element is the extra information, which allows them to take the shape of art, music, video (and so on), in the form of JPGs, MP3s, movies, GIFs, and so on. They may be purchased and sold like other forms of art because they have value – and, like with physical art, the value is mainly determined by the market and demand.

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That is not to imply that there is just one digital version of an NFT work accessible on the market. Copies of an NFT are still legitimate portions of the blockchain in the same way that art prints of an original are created, used, bought, and sold – but they will not have the same value as the original.

Don’t fool yourself into believing you’ve hacked the system by right-clicking and saving an NFT picture. That won’t make you a billionaire since your downloaded file lacks the information required to become a member of the Ethereum network. Does that make sense?

What is the Largest NFT Marketplace

NBA Top Shot is the largest NFT marketplace by overall volume traded, with over $600 million in all-time volume exchanged in mid-2021. However, if just recent sales are considered, OpenSea, which conducts deals worth $70 to $90 million per 30 days, wins the top place in mid-2021.

When measured by the number of traders rather than the overall value, the Atomic Market and NBA Top Shots are the most popular. The Atomic Market has over 440,000 all-time traders and approximately 150,000 over 30 days in mid-2021, while the NBA Top Shots has just over 400,000 all-time and 160,000 over 30 days in mid June, with nothing else coming close.

Top 10 Facts About NFT

Any type of art can be NFTs

NFTs are, at its base, a collection of data linked to a token. They exist as a digital portrayal of a piece of art and all of the information that constitutes the work of art. As a result, they may represent any type of digital art, such as a music, movie, image, or even a video game.

Furthermore, NFTs can be linked to tangible art such as paintings or books. They are similar to online depictions of these works of art in this regard. They can also be adaptations of non-traditional forms of art, such as tweets or other social media posts.

NFTs Are Part Of The Ethereum Blockchain

Ethereum and its native cryptocurrency Ether, the most widely utilized type of blockchain technology in the world, have shook up the cryptocurrency industry. Ethereum supports NFTs and enables their sales through different online auctions, with a focus on confirming holdings via proof of stake techniques.

Ethereum, a blockchain technology recognized for its safety and security, enables safe and secure transactions that are secured against fraud or third-party interference, making it the ideal platform to support NFTs.

Artistic coloured pencils

Artists Can Profit More Easily With NFTs

Many artists have battled for years to make a profit from their paintings, with many of them losing money owing to unlawful uses of their art. Artists, on the other hand, have been able to circumvent this difficulty by tokenizing their creations and selling them as NFTs.

By generating a unique token for each of their works, the artist can regulate who buys their work and who may be able to utilize it in the future.

Brands Have Already Entered the NFT Space and Olds are being Golds

NBA Top Shot capitalizes on fans’ nostalgia for collecting baseball cards. Except that these digital cards represent real moments from games. The NBA Mavericks’ owner, Mark Cuban, envisions a future for digital products in the NBA. Cuban knows that anything digital has the potential to be an NFT. The problem, though, is in developing the market. NBA Top Shot demonstrated that there is a demand for possessing “the finest moments in NBA history.”

William Shatner, the iconic actor, made NFTs of pictures from his personal life and cinematic career and put them on the WAX blockchain. The digital collectibles may be exchanged, complete ownership of the collectable can be viewed, and the inventory can be shown on social media. As a result, another method in which NFTs advance with nostalgia.

Virtual Real Estate Is Taking Off

In the not-too-distant future, you could hear someone say, “Let’s travel to Decentraland.” For investors, virtual real estate has a lot of promise. Digital land grabs, like URL domain grabs in the early Dot Com period, are selling for millions of dollars. Decentraland has sold $1 million in virtual land since its public launch in February 2020. A community member paid 888.25 Ether for nine digital plots of land in Axie Infinity, a crypto-Tamagotchi virtual environment. 888.25 Ether was worth $1.5 million at the time.

Virtual land sales are selling out in hours for companies like The Sandbox, which is experiencing hypergrowth. Arthur Madrid, the company’s CEO, recently appeared at the GamesBeat: Into the Metaverse event, where he discussed the relevance of blockchain in the construction of metaverse.

NFT’s Holy Grail: Fashion, Art, and Entertainment

People are purchasing celebrity paintings, trading cards, and digital territories as long-term investments. However, fashion and entertainment will be the blockchain’s Holy Grail. You may now resell or trade your digital things, but you will soon be able to equip your avatar and virtual house on the blockchain.

Argentine designer Andrés Reisinger, for example, sold 10 pieces of virtual furniture on Nifty Gateway. The most expensive non-existent item was sold for over $70,000 dollars. The furniture may be put in any 3D environment or open world, such as Decentraland, Somnium Space, or Minecraft.

NFTs are being Monetized by Celebrities

Celebrities are fast cashing in on NFTs. Artists such as Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda stated, “I would never make anything close to $10,000 after costs from DSPs, labels, marketing, and so on.” Shinoda debuted a music video for a new song on Rarible in February. Lindsay Lohan, YouTuber Logan Paul, and musician Post Malone are among the other celebrities that have participated in NFTs. Celebrities are utilizing NFTs in novel ways to engage with followers. Post Malone collaborated with NFT artist Fvckrender and social money platform Fyooz to airdrop new tokens to individuals who have enough FYZ NFTs to compete in Malone’s Celebrity World Pong League.

Other celebrities, such as Lindsay Lohan and Logan Paul, have also released NFT paintings. Lindsay Lohan published a digital collectable named “Lightning” on Rarible. So far, the NFT has sold for 33 ETH (Etherium), or $57,290 at its highest. The current highest bid for “Lighting” is 1.5 WETH, or $2,064.64. It just goes to demonstrate how volatile the NFT market is. It’s similar to a viral social media post. You can have a tremendous effect, but it won’t stay long.

NFTs Aren’t Going Anywhere Anytime Soon

The year of NFTs is 2021. According to a research from, the value of the NFT market quadrupled last year, with the current value exceeding a mind-boggling $250M. While the market has begun to fall from those lofty heights, we are all figuring out our duties in order to survive this new digital paradigm. Uncertainty abounds, but one thing is certain: NFTs are here to stay. While we wait to see what this New Age brings, the transformation for the future of digital artists has begun.

NFTs are not Tax-Free

Both the purchase and sale of NFTs is a taxable event. NFTs are taxed at the highest capital-gains rate of 28 percent since they are deemed collectibles. Investors should also anticipate to be taxed when purchasing and selling NFTs using cryptocurrency, exchanging one NFT for another, and converting cryptocurrency back into US dollars.

NFT is Apparently Harmful to the Environment

Critics of NFT are pointing out that the processing power required to produce NFTs has begun to emit hazardous pollutants.

Many NFT artists are attempting to “balance” their own contribution to greenhouse gas emissions. Some people have volunteered to give to conservation and renewable energy foundations. Those on the artist side claim that their carbon footprint is no worse than buying a plane ticket. If they do not purchase the ticket, someone else will, resulting in the same amount of greenhouse gas emissions. The only issue would be if more NFT fans began purchasing “tickets” to planes, necessitating the establishment of additional “airlines” to compensate, therefore increasing emissions.

Ethereum crypto-currency concept

How to Buy NFT?

NFTs are purchased and exchanged in the same way as any other Ethereum-based cryptocurrency, except that instead of purchasing a group of tokens, you purchase a single token.

To begin, install Metamask, a browser plugin that allows you to engage with many aspects of Ethereum, such as exchanges and dApps (decentralized apps). MetaMask is also a digital wallet for Ethereum and all Ethereum-based currencies (both fungible and non-fungible).

You need purchase some Ethereum after installing the addon (you can do it directly in MetaMask with a debit card or Apple Pay by clicking on “Add Funds”). But be extremely cautious with your cash – keep your MetaMask password and your wallet’s private key in a secure location. Then, when you visit a website that sells NFTs (such as NBA Top Shot) or an exchange where you can trade for them (such as Uniswap), link your MetaMask wallet to the site (only do this on sites you trust) and purchase your first NFT.

Who’s been Using NFTs?

NFTs are clearly having a moment, with NFT art makers comprising artists, gamers, and corporations from many walks of life. In reality, it appears that a new participant enters the NFT market on a daily basis.

Stepping into the NFT realm gives another place and format for artists to produce and share art – as well as another opportunity for their fans to support their work. Artists may give the public a variety of methods to acquire art while still making money, with pieces ranging from simple, quick-to-create GIFs (Rainbow Cat, above, was sold by NyanCat for $690,000) to more complex masterpieces.

It would be anticipated that well-known artist would be compensated handsomely for their work, which is what an anonymous group of ‘art aficionados’ counted on when they burnt an original Banksy to create an NFT. Other sales, though, are more unexpected. For example, it was Beeple’s first excursion into the NFT market, and regardless of how well-known he is as a digital artist, the fact that this auction fetched the third-highest amount ever paid for a live artist was unexpected.

Final Thoughts

Whether or not NFTs are here to stay, they have become a new toy for the ultra-rich, and there is real money to be gained if you can make it happen. NFTs offer new meaning to digital art, and the prices observed for sale show that it is a genuine part of the future of art and collectibles in general.

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