Tips To Minimise Your Losses When Gambling

Gambling on the Internet is fun, exciting and at times, rewarding. However, the possibility of losing money is real, just like it is when you visit a casino in Las Vegas. While no system guarantees a winning streak – anyone who claims that is lying – some options help to minimise your losses. Let’s walk through some of them.

Good Casino Sites

When gambling online, it’s more important than ever to register with a safe and authorised online casino. The best way to do this is to check whether or not the site possesses a valid license from the UK Gambling Commission or another reputable regulatory body. Casino sites who possess this license must follow strict rules regarding the safety of customers as well as the fairness of games. This means that licensed websites will always treat you better and offer games that actually provide you with a chance to win, rather than rigged games designed to make you lose.


One of the best ways to minimise your losses is by implementing limitations on how much you deposit at the online casino every day, week month. It’s also worth limiting how long you spend on the online casino website gaming and how much you lose. Most online casinos allow you to implement these restrictions and will pop up with a notification when you meet these limitations. The sites will then prevent you from playing or depositing any more until your minimum time (Daily, weekly or monthly) has passed. This provides you with complete control when gambling online and can help prevent you from forming a gambling addiction.

A calculator and Euros

Game RTP Rates

All online casino games have RTP (Return To Player) rates which denote the percentage rate at which payments are made to players. Table games will generally have a higher RTP rate than video slots which usually have an RTP of between 90% and 97%. Now, to minimise your losses you should try playing a game with a high RTP rate in order to have a chance of making more wins, which is what you want, right? In case you still struggle to fully understand how the return to player rate is calculated, check out this guide, which goes into much more detail on payout rates at online casinos.

Avoid Bonuses

Bonuses are one of the main attractions at online casinos since they can sometimes offer players thousands of pounds. However, most online casinos will have high wagering requirements, forcing you to wager these large bonuses numerous times before they and their winnings can be withdrawn. Unfortunately, this can sometimes lead you to lose much of the bonus before being able to withdraw anything, which can be disappointing and very frustrating. So, instead, we recommend you avoid claiming these bonuses UNLESS, and this is important, the bonus comes with relatively low wagering requirements or has no wagering requirements. These bonuses are harder to find but they do exist.

Bonus written as a graphic

If you’re still keen on claiming a bonus here is one final tip; just treat it as a fun coupon. Welcome promotions at casino sites are rarely designed to make you money but rather give you a chance to discover what the operator has to offer and ideally, at least from the casino’s perspective, stick around for longer and play with real money. Have you heard of the term ‘clickbait titles’ in news publishing? Well, casino bonuses are kind of the same thing.

Don’t Stress

Our final tip to minimise your losses is to relax and avoid stressing yourself out. Gambling should be a fun and enjoyable experience that also offers you a chance to make wins. You should never play when frustrated, nor get frustrated when playing so relax and take a break if needed. Gambling is only entertainment and should remain that way.

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