Top tips for saving money on your parcel delivery

It doesn’t matter whether you are a business sending parcels across the world left, right and centre, or are an individual wanting to send a family member or close friend a Birthday present, we all want to save money on parcel delivery. But, finding the best cheap parcel delivery available doesn’t mean you have to miss out on Next Day Delivery, or even Same Day Delivery.

Thanks to advanced technology, you can now compare parcel delivery prices online to find the best parcel delivery option for all your needs, at a fantastic price that can’t be beaten.

So the next time you need to send a parcel across the UK or anywhere in the world, here’s how you can save money on parcel delivery:

Keep your parcel as small as possible

More often than not, couriers will price your parcel delivery based on the size of your parcel. To keep your parcel delivery costs down, make your parcel as small as possible. While we realise it is not always possible, depending on the size of your item, you may be able to use a padded jiffy bag instead of a rigid, lightweight cardboard box to save even more money on your parcel delivery.

Opt for lightweight packaging

Lightweight packaging keeps parcel delivery costs to a minimum, since the price of your parcel delivery is determined by the size and weight of your parcel once it has been prepared. Corrugated cardboard boxes are a great alternative to plastic boxes. Not only are cardboard boxes much lighter than plastic boxes, they are also able to withstand pressure unlike plastic boxes, which tend to split under intensity.

Materials such as bubble wrap and packing peanuts are the best to hold the contents of your parcel in place, while ensuring the cost of delivery remains as low as possible.

A DHL courier cargo plane

Measure and weigh your parcel accurately

It’s so important that the size and weight of your parcel is accurate when booking your courier. Even if your parcel is just 1kg over what you thought, you could face additional delivery fees. To ensure you give an accurate size and avoid your delivery being refused entirely, we recommend buying postal parcel scales.

These lightweight scales are perfect to keep up to date with postal rate changes, and with digital scales, you can be sure that the information you pass over is exact.

Buy in bulk!

The key to saving money on your parcel delivery is to buy parcel packaging in bulk. Buying in bulk is much less expensive per unit, which is perfect for frequent parcel senders. Plus, buying in bulk requires fewer shopping trips, so you can conveniently package your parcel at a time that suits you without starting to only find you have half the amount of brown parcel paper you need.

Additionally, buying high-quality products in bulk means you can reuse the packaging and make even more savings! Happy days!

Consider parcel compensation cover

When you send a parcel, always take out additional compensation cover on your items in the unlikely scenario they are damaged during transit or even lost. While most, if not all, couriers provide free compensation cover for all parcels, many offer the option to pay an additional fee for parcels worth over a specific value. Though this fee differs between couriers, many operate on the basis of the value of the item you are sending.

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