Top tips for saving money on healthcare in London

Is the price for a healthy body a sickly bank account? Those of us who pursue private healthcare in the capital may worry about this. Take heart, though – health and wealth need not be mutually exclusive.

There are several ways to benefit from high-quality treatment without haemorrhaging cash. Here’s our four-item prescription for healthcare savings.

Consider private healthcare insurance

People opt for private healthcare in the UK for many reasons. They may want to avoid long waiting times, see specific specialist consultants or take advantage of the extra comforts and premium services offered by private facilities.

One way to do this without breaking the bank could be private healthcare insurance. This replaces one-off, up-front medical bills with a smaller monthly payment to an insurer, who then pays out in the event that you need medical treatment, according to their policy.

The best plan for you will depend on the type of treatment that you seek (whether for acute or chronic conditions), and whether you want specialist therapies, for example, acupuncture or holistic treatments.

There are many private health insurance options to compare, so why not look at’s advice on how you can slash the cost of treatment?


If you can’t find the right insurer for you, it might be worth going ‘DIY’. This can involve opening a special savings account dedicated to putting aside money for future medical needs.

Coins and investment insurance

As with any savings account, a high-interest one is better and will yield more in the long-run. We’d recommend that you look online to find the projected costs of treatment, and work out how much you can afford to put away, to determine whether this method will be worthwhile.

Invest in a healthy lifestyle

If you’re opting for medical insurance, the healthier you are, the less you might pay. Many insurers offer lower premiums to people who are less likely to get sick (which makes sense), so adopting a fit and healthy lifestyle can reduce your monthly or yearly payments, as well as your waistline.

A fit and healthy lifestyle

Some things you might consider include taking up a weekly exercise routine, joining a gym and putting together a healthy-eating diet plan.

Even if you self-insure, keeping fit and healthy reduces the likelihood of medical issues arising as you get older. This, of course, reduces the chance of you needing to dip into those savings for medical reasons, and you might even get to spend them on something other than healthcare!


If or when the time does come to seek treatment, you’ll want to benefit from the best-quality healthcare for the best prices. Be sure to research thoroughly and compare the services offered by each hospital, as well as the qualifications and reputations of its physicians.

If you’re looking for somewhere with top-class specialists, beautiful facilities and an unparalleled standard of personal care, we recommend Highgate Private Hospital in London. For the range and quality of the medical services that it offers, the prices are not to be beaten.

Of course, when you do cash in your hard-earned money for healthcare, it’s only right that it should be in exchange for the very best treatment you can buy.

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