Throwing a Party on a Budget

It’s important to celebrate milestones like birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas. However, over time the cost of birthday parties and holiday celebrations can add up and take a hefty chunk out of your bank account. There is no greater joy than throwing a beautiful party with your friends and family. It’s important to budget and throw a party within your spending limits.

If you have a big birthday coming up, you could plan ahead and start saving for the event a few months beforehand. Curate a party jar and add your spare change and left-over monthly ash into it. You can host a party to remember and have a little extra cash to splash out on the fun additions, like a karaoke set or entertainer.

Here are a few other ways you can throw a party on a budget.

Go to a party supplies store

A party supplies store is often much cheaper than buying everything from independent Esty sellers. Bulk buy balloons, banners, candles, and streamers if you are throwing multiple parties this year – and reuse your decorations. Try to go to budget stores to buy party decorations so you can get everything you need for an affordable price.

Decide on a colour palette of two colours, like pink and gold, and stick to it when you are shopping. It’s much easier to make your decorations look expensive when they match and coordinate with your home’s décor. Unless you’re throwing a kids birthday party, avoid multi-coloured decorations in red, yellow, and blue. Go for sophistication, fun and, of course, a little sparkle.

Make it a potluck

Ask your guests to bring a dish to the party so you can have a spread of different things. Try to ask some people for side dishes, others for desserts and family members or close friends for the bigger main dishes. There will be something for everyone and hopefully, no complaints!

A birthday cake with lit candles

Make the cake yourself

Avoid having a cake designed and baked for the party. You don’t need a showstopper cake engraved with your initials and self-portrait. Bake the cake yourself and stick to a classic recipe that you know works well. Or, if you’re not much of a baker, ask a family member to make the cake for you as a favour.

Choose one thing to splurge on

Whether it’s the decorations or entertainment, everyone wants to include something special in their party. Use your party fund to splurge on a special addition for the party, like fireworks and a signature cocktail. You can save a lot of money by serving a cocktail over various types of alcohol. Choose a fun name for your cocktail and tie it into the main theme.

Sometimes the best parties are the most affordable.

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