4 Things You Need to Consider Before Getting Your First Cat

While some people are pretty set on getting their first dog, other people want their first pet to be something more low maintenance, like a cat. When it comes to getting your first pet, cats are often a popular choice as they do not require as intense training or walking every day. However, this doesn’t mean they are easy pets. Cats will still need a lot of your time, money, and energy, so it is important you are prepared. Within this article we will go over four things you need to consider before getting your first cat.

Will They Have Enough Space

The assumption when it comes to owning a cat is that they do not require much space. While, certainly, they do not need as much room as a dog, cats still should have plenty of space to roam and play, which is why you shouldn’t really get one if you live in a small flat. Even if you are planning on keeping your cat inside, they still need plenty of space to relax, so make sure you can accommodate that.

What Pet Food Will You Feed Them

Another important thing to consider before you get your first cat is what pet food you will choose to feed them. Nutrition in cats is so important, which is why you need to do your research into what cat food will work for you. A lot of cat food brands pack their food with unnatural ingredients, which can be unhealthy for your cat. It would be much better to go with a brand like Reveal as their food is made from all natural ingredients and use sustainably caught fish.

Where Is Your Local Vet

Knowing where your nearest vet is located is a super important thing to consider before you bring your cat home. During the first year of having your cat, you will need to go through a whole lot of vet visits in order to get them vaccinated, spayed, or neutered. Being in contact with your vets before you get your cat means that you can start booking appointments as soon as your cat is ready. Additionally, it gives you the chance to research and sort out pet insurance, which you need to have before you get your cat.

Are You Ready For The Responsibility

Although cats may be considered low maintenance, it is important to remember that they still are a huge responsibility. Many people go into the thought of owning a cat as something that is going to be easy, but that is not always the case. They may be more chilled out, but cats are still live animals who need a lot of time to give them attention and stimulate their minds.

You have to make sure that not only are you ready for the responsibility, but also that you have the time needed to properly look after your cat. Take your time to research owning a cat before you jump into the decision.

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