The Best Schemes to Save Money for Our Futures

Saving for our futures has never been as important as it is now.  There’s a natural apathetic mind-set amongst many Brits when it comes to pensions and clever savings accounts; many people can afford these investments but choose not to.

Others less financially fortunate see money as having such vital urgency these days that every penny of their pay packet counts towards basic living costs.

Whatever your economic circumstances you’ll soon be part of a scheme called auto enrolment.  Automatic enrolment pension legislation recognises that the best scheme for financial security is a decent private pension to supplement your state entitlement.

Savings accounts and other investments often pale into insignificance against a sturdy and reliable pension.

Auto enrolment will automatically put thousands, and ultimately millions, of UK citizens into pension schemes although you will retain the right to opt out.  It shifts the default position from not doing anything about making pension provisions and it thrusts the pension question right onto the plate of the UK citizen.

Being careful with money

Whereby apathy ruled before we’ll now see everyone making a conscious decision of whether to stick with the scheme or opt out.  Alarmingly only 55% of us have private pension type provisions in place according stats published on

NOW: Pensions will be one of the leading companies when it comes to filling the gaps where pensions aren’t already in place and the organisation may well come to represent one of the go-to places for a simple but effective scheme.

We can all put small amounts of money towards cash ISA’s or invest in decent share portfolios, but our most reliable source of income will more often than not be our pension plan.

Interest rates on savings accounts are very low and banks will often drop your rates at the expense of creating accounts to attract new money.  Visit the NOW: Pensions website and make the first step, then enjoy the privilege of beginning to think about how you’ll spend your retirement.

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