The Benefits of Aerial TV

As the younger generation chooses to side with streaming services rather than live TV we completely understand their reason behind this. Who wouldn’t want to pay for a service where they can access and watch TV when they want and around their own schedule. If your personal preference does appear to be streaming services that does not mean that you need to rule out the option of digital TV services, and we are here to explain why! Stay tuned to hear to benefits of aerial TV.

Not dependent on the internet

The widely popular streaming services that we see people ranting and raving about these days are dependent on internet connection. Sure, you can download your favourite show to watch offline when you hop on board a plane or a train, as you know you may not have access to an internet connection, however, when at home you don’t anticipate not having any connection. Well, what happens if your network is down and your streaming service is interrupted constantly by buffering or blank screens? What will then provide you with entertainment? We know, live TV! Do not dismay this service, as you know that one of the benefits of aerial TV is that it will always come in handy when the internet lets you down.

A free service

The monthly costs of streaming services accumulate to amounts that you may not even consider. Let’s say that you use and pay for three to four streaming services, they all require a monthly payment of around or just less than £10. When you put this into perspective, this can rack up to almost £40 a month which adds up to around £480 a year!

With aerial TV, you should already have the aerial for this to operate so there is no extra cost there, however, if you do require aerial installation or repair, contact Alongside this, a Freeview box will be required to access channels however, in TVs produced after around 2010, the Freeview box is most likely to be built in already. So, what is the verdict here? The service is completely free and what is better than great entertainment? Free entertainment!

Brings the family closer together

So, we all have a personal preference when it comes to TV viewing. Some of us prefer sci-fi, others prefer comedy but others prefer horror. One benefit to streaming services is that there is a genre for everyone on their platform and a lot of content can fall under that genre. That is not to say that live TV doesn’t offer all genres however, you are just slightly more limited to when you can watch them. The genres, shows, and movies that live TV do offer though are more generalised to suit all audiences. This can encourage group viewings and brings family and friends closer together.

Consider the Christmas period, when Freeview TV broadcasts your favourite Christmas movies in the evening, allowing the whole family to watch and enjoy together. Or even when reality shows broadcast seasonally, and you invite your friends around so that you can all watch, gossip, and communicate throughout the whole episode. Communication encouraged by live TV is one of the main benefits of aerial TV and is an opportunity that should be cherished, appreciated, and used to its full advantage by all.

Wide selection of channels

For a free service, Freeview TV offers the utmost and more. The service provides up to 70 channels and around 30 radio stations. This is more than suitable for all, especially those who are not big TV viewers. Some individuals prefer to have the TV on in the background or do not like to dedicate a lot of their time to watching TV, and this option is perfect for them. Instead of throwing money away to streaming services and monthly payment cable bills, they have access to channels to watch whenever suits them with no extra cost. With channels covering sports, news, reality, soaps, and comedy, the list is endless really, a homeowner will not struggle to find something they will enjoy watching.

TV aerial rarely needs to be replaced

As previously explained, live TV operates through a TV aerial. Benefits of aerial TV include its long lifespan, the aerial itself is expected to last up to 20 years which is a long time, especially for a device that remains outdoors. Some aerials can often last up to 30 years however, professionals would advise reinstalling a new one after that time to ensure that you are receiving the best signal for your TV reception and quality. Although it is rare, sometimes, in extreme weather conditions, an aerial can become damaged, and a repair or reinstallment may need to be carried out. Don’t stress, as companies such as offer a warranty that covers any issues like these that may occur after your aerial is installed.

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