Summer Job Opportunities for Students

With exams drawing to a close and the summer term soon ending, as a student, your mind turns to what you will be doing over the sunnier months of the year. For most, this will usually mean working in order to be able to earn some decent cash so that you can save for the new term, or simply to just keep up with your social life over the holidays.

What jobs are available out there for you? We take a look at the summer job opportunities for students.

Key Points

  • Hospitality Jobs Offer Flexibility: The hospitality sector presents a wide range of roles with flexible hours, making it ideal for students looking to work during the summer.
  • Summer Camps for Adventure and Income: Working at summer camps, including overseas options, offers a unique experience alongside a variety of roles, running through to mid-September.
  • Festival Jobs with Perks: Working at summer festivals not only provides income but often comes with added benefits like free entry and food, making it a fun and cost-effective experience.
  • Telesales for Night Owls: Telesales roles offer flexible hours, including night shifts, and require strong communication skills for customer service support.
  • University Roles for Those Staying Put: Universities often hire temporary staff for administrative and HR roles during the summer, making it a convenient option for students wanting to stay in their university city.
A Barista making coffee

Hospitality Industry

In terms of trying to find temporary work over the summer, looking at roles within the hospitality industry is an excellent place to start looking. With so many kinds of positions available such as receptionists, concierges, front of house positions or working as waiting staff for example, and the ability to pick and choose which events you work it, it is perfect as a student allowing you to have the freedom to decide when and where you work.

Sites like Rota make the process of finding hospitality jobs in London and across the UK even easier. You simply sign up and are able to select shifts and location as and when it suits you, with just the click of a button. In addition, its employers earn 15% more than the average industry standard.

Summer Camp Jobs

A popular option with students; spending the summer in a camp working with kids (with many of these jobs having positions abroad, adding to their appeal) is a great way to spend time in a brand-new place, or even country and all whilst earning sometimes very decent amounts of money too.

There are also different types of camps that you could work at, such as adventure camps, educational summer camps, and special needs camps, recruiting for a number of different roles such as mentors, kitchen staff, teaches, leaders and coaches. These jobs usually last until at least the middle of September, making it perfect if you are returning back to college or university in the autumn.

Attending a music festival

Summer Festival Jobs

One of the great things about being employed in this kind of role is the flexibility of the hours, and usually getting a free entry to the chosen festival too. All of this is in addition to free food and accommodation. We all know how expensive festivals can be, so if you are strapped of cash, this is an excellent way to earn money and enjoy yourself watching your favourite bands.

Telesales Roles

Summer job opportunities in telesales tend to be readily available due to the high turnover rates involved with call centres, making it a great way to earn extra money this summer.

In this role you also tend to have more flexibility with hours as many call centres are open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, meaning you can take on night work too (which on the whole tends to be paid better than day work.) To work in telesales, you will need to have excellent communication skills, a good telephone manner as well as having the ability to work well under pressure, as customer service support can be stressful.

Theme Park Roles

During the summer months, especially when the kids go on school holidays theme parks tend to experience their busiest time of the year, and so host additional staff in order to cope with demand, which means that finding a position as a student relatively easy to find. There also tends to be lots of roles to choose from in a variety of departments, such as cleaning, warehouse, entertainment, customer service, sales and food and beverage staff needed too.

Supermarket fresh produce

Retail Jobs for Students

Working in retail or in supermarkets remains a very popular option for students in the summer months, however it is worth applying as early as you possibly can if you are interested in this kind of role as it tends to be quite competitive.

In terms of finding these kinds of jobs, keep an eye out a local shopping centres, their own company website, as well as sites such as LinkedIn, which has become an increasingly popular way to recruit new team members. You should also keep an eye out on nearby airport vacancies, as they often recruit seasonal staff in their retail stores during the busier summer months.

University Jobs for Returning Students

Perhaps you love your university city and would like to remain there over the course of the summer, without having to look into short term finance options like instalment loans online.

Well, it may be worth looking to see if your university is seeking temporary staff, as it could be the ideal option for you. Many universities across the country will seek staff to help with administrative duties, HR work or research whilst the students are on holiday. You can look on websites such as The Student Housing Company to find out more about these kinds of jobs and whether they are available in your area.

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