Successful Careers in The Racing Industry

The horse racing industry is one that millions of people are interested in. Most people love it for the horses, tuning in to watch races and to bet on them winning. Others may have an interest in the trainers such as Willie Mullins, Gordon Elliott and Nicky Henderson. It is in fact a huge industry with many different cogs in the system, and there are a variety of different careers anyone can choose from if they wish to get involved.

One of the top jobs in the industry is undoubtedly being a racehorse trainer. Trainers don’t only train horses, they are also responsible for overseeing their care, working hand in hand with jockeys, exercise riders, vets and farriers to maximise health, care and performance. A trainer must obtain a pro license and it can be a very profitable role if the stable achieves a good level of success and recognition.

Becoming a jockey is probably the dream of most of us looking to work in the industry. The jockeys are the ones who ride the horses, but they must meet very strict requirements in order to compete. It’s a job that takes a lot of commitment, dedication and bravery. Patience is also key as a jockey must start on an apprentice license before working their way up the ladder.

Jockeys are also the people in the horse racing industry that need an agent working on their behalf. A jockey agent is the one tasked with finding mounts for their client, while also being responsible for keeping an eye on the diary so to speak. In addition, the agent is more like a personal assistant to the rider, sorting out travel arrangements for example, and if the agent happens to be looking after a top jockey, they could earn a lot of money and well known in their own right.

A close up of a jockey riding a race horse

For some, the dream of being a jockey may pass them by, or they may simply not be that interested. Becoming an exercise rider is the perfect way to ride racehorses, but away from racing itself. Exercise riders are permitted to weigh more than jockeys and often begin work at dawn, finishing around noon. However, they must obtain a licence if they are to ride at racetracks.

The health and well being of a horse is very important and becoming a track vet allows that person to ensure everything is as it should be. Once they have obtained their license they will be responsible for administering medications, while also taking post-race samples, to test for the use of any banned substance. It’s a position that requires a huge amount of commitment, both in terms of time and financially. However, the rewards are great.

Others may consider being a groom as a bottom of the ladder position within the industry, but it’s actually one of the most important. Grooms care for the horses on a day to day basis, and this includes mucking out stalls and grooming. Due to their daily interaction with the horses grooms are often the first to spot signs of injury or illness, and this is vitally important.

Therefore, one maybe excused for thinking that horse racing is only about betting at the track or on betting sites like Betpoint. However, we can now see that there is lot more to horse racing and quite a lot of expertise involved in making it such a competitive and successful sport.

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