Staying In Is The New Going Out For Valentines Day

Yes, it’s official, ‘staying in is the new going out for Valentines Day’, well at least for me that is!

Yes I know I’m married and I’m a tad older than 21 but Valentine’s Day is I believe still a day to mark with at least a little romance or a loving gesture. A card of course, maybe some roses (perhaps that’s more wishful thinking for me to receive?!) or a lovely box of chocolates?

Will have to contemplate further.

What I do know though is we won’t be rushing out for a meal this 14 February.I do get so fed up with restaurants cashing in on the occasion and certainly from past experience the food presented is generally very costly and not all that great at the end of the day.

Maybe this is where I am sounding an old fuddy duddy?? Anyway, I’d much rather organise a night out for a meal in a week or two when things have ‘calmed down’ again.

So, the way to my man’s heart…..I’ve got it, a large piece of steak, cooked medium rare, served with onion rings, mushrooms and French fries, perhaps some peas or grilled tomatoes too …. all washed down with a rather nice bottle of fine red wine.

In case I need some inspiration though, the supermarkets are being rather helpful with their Valentine’s recipes and ‘Dine in for 2’ offers. Have you seen them?

Tesco have Grilled sirloin steak with roasted beetroot and mustard dressing – more my cup of tea though than his so perhaps not for me to cook on Monday! They do also have a ‘Meal Deal for two’ for £15.

Sainsbury’s have their ‘Wine & Dine For 2’ for £15 – perhaps an easy option with a starter, main, side, desser, drink and chocolates.

Marks and  Spencer – there’s a ‘Valentine’s Gourmet Menu’ for £20 with a whole range of Starterts, mains, side dishes, desserts, wines & drinks to choose from, plus a box of chocolates.

Waitrose have a £15 Valentines Dinner for Two which includes a Main, 2 side dishes, dessert, Prosecco or chocolates.

Plenty to choose from.

Think though I’ll end up sticking to the original ‘simple’ steak….perhaps with some scallops wrapped in bacon to start…..wonderful!

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