Special Features of Basketball Betting

Basketball is one of the fastest and most dynamic types of sport in which the result of a match can change in a flash. Such matches are a wonderful platform for winning. What explains the special popularity of basketball betting.

This type of sport has some special features and trends, which are important to consider when studying how to place bets on this sport. Unlike football and hockey, basketball betting can be suitable for risk–lovers, especially those who prefer to make live deposits. Each client of the Parimatch bookmaker should know the following features of this game:

  • Parimatch gives an extensive list of handicaps and totals, which should be used to choose good odds;
  • in live mode, there is an option to work according to the catch–up strategy in quarters (bet on outsiders, totals);
  • matches often have an overtimes, so when more or less equal teams meet, bets on high totals justify themselves!

A basketball game is characterized by a quite significant score. The number of games in championships can also be considered in favor of this sport. In comparison with football, where meetings can take place 1–2 times a week, here it can be from three to four times. Also, another important trend in online basketball betting is the large number of equal events in the line, which is an additional opportunity for bettors to earn money.

NBA basketball betting

On the Parimatch Canada’s site it is possible to place bets on the NBA league. The main advantage of Parimatch is a wide line, in which gamblers can play pre–match and live betting for the following tournaments:

  • NBA and other American leagues (men’s and women’s, professional and student);
  • championships of Korea, Australia, South American countries;
  • men’s and women’s championships of European countries (there are both major championships, for example, Spain, Germany, Turkey, and less popular tournaments — Cyprus or Switzerland);
  • Russian championships of various levels;
  • international club competitions (Champions League, Euroleague, etc.);
  • championships of the world, Europe, Asia, etc!

NBA basketball betting are especially popular and in demand among the Parimatch players all over the world. This is a benchmark championship that sets the highest standards in this type of sport. In NBA league
uses a three–tiered way of playing the tournament: pre–season matches, regular season, playoffs. Therefore, it is possible to make basketball betting on NBA league almost all year round.

Parimatch offers a long term NBA bets. It is proposed to bet on the playoffs of certain teams, compare individual clubs in terms of points scored in the regular season, to predict the champion.


So, Parimatch sports betting on basketball is the best choice if the player is going to make a rate on this game for a long time. Here is available a convenient interface for making a bet, and the ratio of line, list and quotes is one of the most profitable on the international betting market.

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