Slot Wagering Requirements Explained And Calculated

Slot wagering requirements are the only downside to playing slots online. It’s natural to first get excited at the idea of a huge bonus on your favourite online casino website. ‘Fantastic!’ you think as you get your hopes up at the idea of free cash just to play all of those enticing slots. Sadly however nothing in life is free. Producers will want you to feel that way so don’t feel silly for being duped, even when playing the best mermaid slots game. There are always restrictions and now is as good a time as ever to know exactly what rules there are in the terms and conditions.

So what’s the point in slot wagering requirements?

Basically slot-wagering requirements are put in place to make sure that punters actually play on the site that they are given out on, rather than just cashing out with free money. This means that players have to actually invest their own money into playing, making it technically not really free.

The wagering requirement is therefore the amount of betting that a player has to do before they can claim some kind of reward. The reward is usually a bonus of some kind that is offered in return for opening a new account, depositing money or similar kind of promotional value. They are calculated in different ways and depend on the casino website, so it is worth checking the rates before you start playing to make sure you are getting a fair deal.

Being careful with money

In fact it’s valuable to know as players can then make a more well informed decision on how to pick a casino bonus that is best suited to their budget. In the long run this will all help punters play sensibly and remain in control. So to the boring bit, most of the time slot wagering requirements is calculated in the following way:

How are slot wagering requirements calculated?

A new online casino has sparked your interest and is offering a bonus of fifty pounds for all new players who sign up and become a member. The wagering requirement as part of the terms and conditions is at a level of 5x. This translates to £50 (new player bonus) multiplied by 5 (slot wagering requirement) = £250.

That means that any player must wager at least £250 in order to make a cash withdrawal. Players don’t have to do this all at once and so can use smaller, more manageable bet amounts over time to build up to the total amount of 250.

A calculator and money

In real terms, only once they have hit this minimum wagering requirement are they allowed to take advantage of the casino bonus.

Laws and regulations mean that all online casinos must clearly inform players of any wagering requirements that are in place for slots. So don’t skip past the small print when signing up for new accounts or taking advantage of new bonuses. Make sure you read carefully and as always, bet sensibly.

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