Six Challenges of Doing Business in China

China has one of the best and fastest-growing economies. This is not surprising as many global companies consider China a fertile ground for business and investment opportunities. Doing business in China, however, is not a walk in the park.

One needs to be well equipped to navigate the complexities peculiar to China in terms of politics, culture, language, etc.

Indeed, the Chinese market offers immense opportunities for many new ventures. This is not surprising as the Chinese economy experienced steady growth each year. After America, China prides itself as the largest growing economy.

Even with these opportunities, there are some challenges of doing business in China. As a result, this article will shed light on various challenges of doing business in China in a bid to prepare you for it.

1. Market Access

One of the things that can make China a pretty challenging market to break into is the local consumer buying habits, distribution network, regulations, etc. Also, China’s market environment stands out from what we have in other parts of the world.

For instance, many products accepted by the US market have a 50% chance of failing in China.

2. Defaulting in obtaining permits

Since China’s laws and regulations are strange in a foreign country, it could be a discouragement to foreign firms. One of the concerns of many businesses when expanding to a new country is the bureaucracy.

This revolves around the stringent conditions of getting the necessary license, permits to operate in China.

3. Consumer Preference

Over the years, China has experienced an impressive class shift creating a pretty diverse consumer environment. This makes the Chinese market a pretty diverse environment compared to many countries.

Many companies that failed to take this into accounts failed in China since they did not prioritize consumer preference.

4. Administration

Product approval, license, and others are complicated processes that can leave a managers’ desk flooded with paperwork. This is a challenging hassle that discourages many firms who want to break into the Chinese market.

5. Competition

Breaking into the Chinese market might be hard when you consider the affinity of Chinese natives for locally made products. Local firms seek ways to improve the quality of their outputs in a bit to meet international standards.

A staff meeting with smiling employees

Also, the government gives preference to locally made products by encouraging production and offering tax incentives. This could pose a problem to foreign companies that desire to break into the market.

6. Human Resources

One of the main concerns of companies seeking to break into China is labor. China has a low supply of skilled and professional work compared to the demand. As a result, getting the best hands to join the labor force can be a severe challenge to Chinese countries. Besides, the availability of other companies that might offer mouthwatering perks makes it a challenge.


Indeed, China is a fertile market with tremendous opportunities for foreign firms. Like breaking into any other country, it does come with challenges. As a result, we hope this article will prepare you for what to expect if you decide to make China the next country to start a business.

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