Saving Money and Energy in the Home with Efficient Appliances

For too many homeowners today, inefficient appliances are robbing them of hard earned money while wasting valuable energy. Refrigerators, washing machines, and dishwashers account for the bulk of these energy costs, with fridges being the most prolific. A fridge freezer must work all day, every day and that can mean huge costs for those people who aren’t buying the right appliances or using those appliances correctly.

So how much does an inefficient fridge cost a typical family over the course of a month? A fridge freezer with a C+ efficiency rating can cost more than £60 over the course of a year. Upgrading to a top-notch fridge can bring costs down to £20 annually in some cases. 

Families in the UK spend two billion pounds each year powering their fridges. They spend an additional two billion on other appliance energy costs, covering dish washing and clothes washing alike. The costs continue to rise with each passing year, and many homeowners aren’t asking the important questions about their bills. Where are these energy costs and coming from and what can I do to stop the rising tide? The answer lies in efficient appliances. Smart consumers can help save the world’s energy and put money back into their own pockets at the same time. 

It starts with choosing only those appliances that are Energy Saving Trust recommended. Experts have reported that an old, inefficient fridge freezer will use 60% more energy than an energy conscious one. Keeping food fresh and keeping frozen goods chilled takes a significant amount of effort for these machines, so it pays to get one that works at a high level. On the course of a year, families will actually come out ahead in many cases by purchasing new appliances. When one considers the long-term outlook, there’s no question that recommended appliances will provide a boost financially.

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In addition to just upgrading the fridge, there are other things that homeowners can do to save money and cut energy waste in their homes. Upgrading to an A-rated dishwasher can save more than ten pounds per year, while cutting carbon dioxide emissions significantly. This makes the home a safer place for families and helps the environment as a whole.

Researchers have also found that washing clothes in cold cycles can help to preserve the integrity of the clothes, while cutting energy costs up to 90%. These changes must be implemented on the individual level and over the course of a year, they can really add up. 

More and more of today’s new appliances are made to last and built to save. Updating to a recommended fridge or laundry machine can allow families to make headway financially, while subsequently looking out for the good of the environment.

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