Ways to Save Money When Moving House

The purchase price of a new home is only part of the cost of moving into it. The practicalities of actually moving from A to B can actually add up to quite a bit too. Fortunately, a bit of advance planning can reduce these costs substantially. Here, Manchester estate agents Indlu share their tips.

Declutter as much as you possibly can

Even if you give everything away rather than selling it, the simple fact of the matter is that the less stuff you have to move, the less you are likely to pay for moving (and the less stress you will have). It’s also worth noting that donations to registered charities may be tax deductible, so there is still the potential for you to make a little money out of items you give away for free.

Another, often overlooked, point about decluttering, is that decluttering in an organized manner can actually save you money by preventing you from accidentally throwing out items which you do need, for example, important paperwork, which could otherwise end up in the recycling bin as you rush to organize your departure.

Use up your consumables

The lead up to a move is the time to stop buying anything but the absolute essentials and to focus on using up what you have because it’s probably going to be uneconomical to take it with you and while giving it away is better than throwing it out, the most economical option of all is to use it up yourself.

Take a decision on who will manage your furniture removal

In principle, you can save yourself some money by dismantling your flat-pack furniture yourself so all your movers have to do is pick it up. In practice, this is only going to work if you actually make good on your commitment. Otherwise, your movers will end up doing it anyway and will charge you extra for it.

Dining room furniture

In fact, they will probably charge you more than if you had booked the dismantling service in the first place as it will now be an unscheduled extra. If you’re not convinced that you’ll find the time to do this properly, you could try splitting the difference and have your movers disassemble your furniture but leave it for you to assemble at the other side.

Similar comments apply to plumbed-in appliances, such as washing machines and dishwashers. If you are confident disconnecting and reconnecting them, you can save yourself a bit of money by doing so. If not, it will probably make sense to have your movers do it.

Look for free packing materials

Ordering moving boxes may be very convenient but it can also work out very expensive. Even in the 21st century, many items are transported to businesses in strong, cardboard boxes, which are perfectly suitable for use as moving boxes and many businesses are only too happy to give them away for free since it cuts down on the amount of waste they need to put out for collection.

Pick a strategic moving date

Consider the feasibility of moving at “off-peak” times, basically during the week and outside the school holidays. This approach does, however, have to be set against the potential cost to you, for example, if it results in you having to pay for extra childcare.

Booking as early as possible, is, however, always advisable and can save you money whenever you move (as well as making it more likely that you will be able to hire your first choice of moving company).

Prepare for camping indoors

Treat your move as though you were going on a week’s camping holiday, except you’ll be indoors. Literally, pack everything you could reasonably need for at least three or four days, ideally a week, and keep it with you during the move.

Young couple pack boxes during house move

Everything means everything, not just clothes, for example, you will need food (and the means with which to prepare it), household essentials and toiletries.

Bonus tip, also pack a torch and batteries for each person, so you always have a light near you while you work out where the light switches are. This will save you using convenience stores and fast food outlets while you get yourself organized and get to know the neighbourhood.

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