Save Money during a Business Relocation

Running a business is always a challenging affair. It doesn’t matter if you are in the automotive industry or technology industry, things are constantly changing and evolving. If you don’t learn to change and evolve along with them, you’ll likely get left behind. Sometimes changes and evolving also mean that you’ll be physically changing locations.

Maybe you are moving to a bigger building with bigger and more accommodation. Maybe you are moving to get out of a crime-ridden area. Whatever the situation is there is no denying that a business relocation is exciting. And, this is because it typically means that your company is expanding and new opportunities are just on the horizon.

You’re likely already considering the basic costs of moving your office, warehouse, employees, but sometimes a commercial relocation can end up costing more than what you’ve originally planned for. In fact, this is the way it turns out most of the time. This is where careful planning coupled with the right information and game plan can get you ahead of the game.

Sorting Through Your Inventory

You might be surprised to learn it, but you are likely going to spend the biggest portion of your budget moving furniture, equipment, and other essential items. Moving these items from one location to another is not only time-consuming, but it is an expense that’ll accumulate rather quickly. This is why it is best to cut costs in this area if at all possible. Sit down and ask yourself – do you really need everything that you are taking? Does your new location offer you access to most of the items that you are trying to bring along? For instance, there will be no need to bring along employee’s desks and chairs or break room amenities if the new building is already supplying them.

An executive office

In fact, you can likely sell these items for a profit that can be used elsewhere. This will be an opportune time to sit down and sort through your assets. You might end up being able to cut down on your stock. If you can’t sell the items, donate them, you’ll still save some money when tax season rolls around.

Pack Yourself

This might have already been something that you’ve thought of yourself, but it is worth mentioning because you’d be surprised at how many people overlook this little tip. Being that you are a fully-functioning company, you probably accrue a lot of boxes. Start saving those boxes and stow them away for some DIY packing. You can even get your employees to help you during their downtime. You might be able to even save enough boxes so as you don’t have to purchase any. Just remember that while employees are great additional assets to rely on for packing, you want to make sure that all the heavy lifting goes to the company that you are hiring for the move.

There is no reason to take unnecessary risks and get an employee or yourself injured.

Young couple pack boxes during house move

Business Loans To Save On Cost

With business loans available from quality lenders like Credit 21, you can schedule and plan a relocation at any time of the year. Their affordable and fast approval business loans will ensure that your business operations will not be impeded much during your business’ relocation.

The Art Of Negotiation

You are a business individual; hence, you shouldn’t have a problem haggling for price. You likely haggle with vendors, sellers, and clients every day. Now, is the time to put those skills to use against these moving companies. Find one or two companies that really want the job of relocating your company and pit them against each other. Not only this, but you can haggle and negotiate with your current service providers as well. Maybe you are moving to a new area where a new DSL or cable provider will be available. Don’t be shy about letting your current provider know this. They’ll likely be more than willing to throw in a discount or something.

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