Rush to trade in iPhone 6’s as iPhone 7 beckons

Although the iPhone 7 has had a mixed reaction since it was announced a few days ago, it seems that Brits are rushing to trade in their old iPhones to raise cash for the iPhone 7 when it hits the streets on September 16th.

MusicMagpie, the online phone recycling website, is seeing a huge increase in trade-ins of iPhones since Apple announced the new range.

Apparently, there has been a 123% increase in the number of iPhones sold to the company, however, the striking figure is the number of sales of iPhone 6 and 6S models which have jumped by over 300 percent!

Is the iPhone 7 so good that it’s time to ditch the iPhone 6?

Sites like Music Magpie are great for getting rid of junk and turning it into cash, but I would hardly call the iPhone 6 junk!

There are things that I like about the iPhone 7 and things that I don’t, but if I owned an iPhone 6, particularly the better 6S, I wouldn’t be tempted to ditch my current phone.

It costs a lot to upgrade your phone when you take into account it’s loss in value and the premium that you are paying for the latest version. I personally don’t think that the new iPhone is so much better than the iPhone 6.

Yes, there are welcome improvements – the camera, better screen and waterproofing, for example, but it is not a major step forward like we saw between the iPhone 5 and 6’s.

Also, bear in mind that the iPhone 6S has only been available for a year so it has hardly going to be worn out.

The smart money is waiting for the iPhone 8

The iPhone 8, if it is going to be called that, on the other hand, is a far better proposition.

Apple tends to create big technology improvements between alternate generations of their iPhones, so the model that will hopefully be launched this time next year could well represent a big step forward.

And it is the 10th anniversary of the iPhone so you can expect that to be celebrated in style. It will be an opportunity to halt faltering iPhone sales and regain the crown that is looking a bit tarnished with the likes of Samsung and LG winning chunks of market share.

Next September, your iPhone 6S will be two years old if you bought it soon after it’s launch.

Yes, it will have lost more value in a years time, but less than if you swap it out now for an iPhone 7 and then sell that on to finance a move into what is likely to be a far more exciting phone in 2017.

If I was an iPhone 6/6S owner I would be sitting on the side lines, waiting expectantly for Apple to create a stunner in 2017. If Apple fail to develop a market leading smartphone in 12 months time, I could always pick up the Samsung S8, which could be brilliant too.

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