Planning a Wedding on a Budget

Weddings can put incredible strain on the finances, especially when the simple cost of living is on the rise, too. The last thing you want to be worrying about in the lead up to your special day is money. Here are some great tips on how to plan your wedding on a budget, while still keeping it special.

Wedding on a Budget

Go high street

The wave of high street fashion means anyone can get catwalk style at affordable prices, and – wedding attire has been swept ashore with it.

Nowadays, high street doesn’t mean drab. High street stores have elegant, affordable dresses that are perfect for the bride to be and her entourage.

High street prom dresses are the perfect get up for bridesmaids. Once you find a design you like, it’s more than likely they’ll be in good supply, which means there’s no problem in regards to matching.

Best of all, they are affordable, so you (or your bridesmaids) won’t need to break the bank.

If Gok Wan has taught us anything, it’s that it’s most people won’t be able to tell whether an outfit has come from a high street favourite, or some high-end designer, as long as you put a little thought into it.

And what’s the point of shelling out more if it’s to boost nothing more than ego?

Go off-season

Weddings are most popularly held between May and October, so it’s inevitable that between these months, they will be at their most expensive to have. By going off-season you can save a bundle, not only because the prices are already lower, but because with less competition, there’s more room to haggle.

Not only will marrying off-season benefit you financially, but it will also make things a lot less stressful.

Again, with less competition, you’re less likely to find your perfect venue fully booked or your ideal caterer too busy to help.

You’re more likely to get your perfect wedding for less, so long as the weather doesn’t bother you too much. And besides, when has the British summer ever guaranteed sun?

Get flowers and veg that are in season

Have your wedding off-season, by all means, but it’s best not to follow the same avenue when it comes to flowers; in this case, you want to pick from the variety that are in season.

Not only will the flowers look better and the vegetables taste better, but they are going to be much cheaper than those that need growing in special conditions or shipping from the furthest-flung corners of the globe.

A little extra tip too: try to avoid white flowers. Although white flowers are fitting for the occasion, they bruise easily. This means a florist will need to throw away more in search for the perfect bloom and that cost will circle back round to you.

Get your friends involved

Got any friends that are DJs or musicians? Perhaps it’s you or your spouse-to-be that have such talents. This is much cheaper than hiring entertainment for the evening, and the guests aren’t going to mind being given a little showcase during your big day.

But it’s not just a talent to entertain that’s going to come in useful: if any of your friends are adept at graphic design, you can get them involved in designing your invitations and programs.

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