7 Unexpected Places You Can Pay Using Your Mobile Phone Bill Money

In 2021, a mobile phone bill is an accepted form of payment for thousands of businesses. Pay by phone banking typically involves paying for an item of service using your mobile phone contract. Any transactions you make using your phone bill will be added on to your total bill at the end of the month.

Almost all major mobile phone network providers offer customers the option to pay for services using their phone bill. Some UK operators which allow this include, EE, Vodafone and Virgin. Paying with mobile phone bill is one of the safest and most secure ways to make monetary transactions online.

Mobile phone payment is accepted at a wide variety of online based shops and businesses but there are many outlets which you may not realise phone bill banking can be used at. We have decided to take a look at some businesses which offer the opportunity for their customers to make phone bill payments.

Here are 7 seemingly unexpected places where you can use mobile phone bill.

Tesla Solar Panels

At some geographical locations, purchasers may issue a deposit for Tesla solar panels using their mobile phone bill as a payment option. Tesla owner and founder Elon Musk is constantly working to ensure his businesses are at the forefront of technology so it should not be a surprise that he allows his customers to purchase using their phone. Unfortunately, Tesla vehicles are a little too expensive to be able to purchase out right using your phone bill.

Nonetheless, it is cool that you can finance your purchase of something as helpful and as cool as Tesla solar panels with just your mobile phone!

Video Game Transactions

Tens of millions of us play video games, but did you know that you can purchase video games and extras for games using a mobile phone bill. Both the PlayStation store and the Microsoft Store allow users to add any purchases they make onto their mobile phone bill. This is incredibly handy for anyone who wishes to purchase something now and pay later.

Typically, gamers will visit the PlayStation and Microsoft Stores to purchase add-ons and loot boxes. With that being said, some countries have banned the purchase of loot boxes including Belgium and the Netherlands. Regardless, anyone who wishes to make a purchase on their video games console can do so using their phone. Customers will then have to pay back what they owe the days following the end of the month in which they made their purchase.

Buying Art Online

Purchasing art is no longer only a hobby for the rich. The availability of excellent art online means that art lovers can now visit a wide range of online art websites and art auctions and purchase art using their mobile phone bill cash. Phone bill payments remain one of the most trusted forms of payment options across the internet which is why both small and large businesses allow their customers the choice of using it.

If you are contemplating purchasing art online using your mobile phone bill there are lots of websites you can visit including MoMa and Saatchi Art.

Purchasing Twitch Subscriptions

The online streaming website Twitch allows users to subscribe and make donations to streamers using a variety of different online payment options, including phone bill. Twitch TV is one of the most well-known websites on the internet and was purchased in 2014 by Amazon for over £500 million. The beauty of Twitch is that anyone with a video camera, a microphone and an internet connection can become a streamer. Twitch streamers primarily stream themselves playing video games to an audience of fans.

A video camera filming a vlogger

Subscriptions on Twitch cost $4.99 per month which help to support streamers who use streaming as their full-time job. When a viewer subscribes to a Twitch channel using their mobile phone bill, a monthly direct debit payment tis set up. Subscriptions are auto renewed each month until the purchaser cancels the subscription.

Playing at Online Slots and Casino sites

If you enjoy gaming with online slots, you can play slots using your phone bill money. The majority of online slot sites and casinos in the United Kingdom allow their players to use their phone bill as a deposit method as it is an extremely safe form of paying online.

Gamblers can enjoy the privacy which paying by phone bill offers them. Whilst bank transfers and credit cards require you to give gambling operators your bank details, with phone bill banking, all bank details stay between the gambler and your mobile phone service provider. Online phone bill payments have made gambling payments online much safer, faster and a lot more secure.

Google Play Store for Android

Android users can use their phone bill to pay at the Google Play Store. The Google Play Store is a digital distribution service where users can download apps and purchase mobile phone games. Most apps are free to download but many require a monthly fee if users would like to utilise all the features offered by the app. Play Store users can pay for app store purchases using their pay by phone bill account.

Using your phone contract to pay for apps is a safe and easy option when make purchases from the Google Play Store. Users can easily keep track of their spending too as they will receive the bill in writing at the end of every month.

A Subscription to The Athletic Football News

The Athletic is a news website providing in-depth football news to its readers. Although football fans can find news for free across the internet, The Athletic prides itself on offering the best football content written by the best sports journalists. Reading The Athletic news stories requires users to pay a monthly subscription fee which customers can pay for using their phone bill as payment.

Other news sites which require users to subscribe to read include The Times online newspaper and The Telegraph. Both allow you to use multiple banking methods in order to subscribe though, including your phone bill.

Closing Words

We trust that you enjoyed reading our guide to the unexpected places where you can use phone bill. If you have any other guides you would like to see featured, please let us know!

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