Advice for Opening your Own Car Dealership

Deciding to open a car dealership is a bold move to make. Cars are still popular, but the sales are indisputably declining, as the industry continues to change shape and evolve.

Consequently, to really launch your automobile business successfully, there’s a very specific route you need to take to maximise your chances of running a successful dealership.

Here are a few titbits of advice for opening your own car dealership.

Go Green

If you aim for your car dealership to last a long while, then adapting is key. Of course, most businesses thrive on certain trends and specific interests in their industry, remoulding their business model for greater appeal and profit. Your car dealership should follow a similar trajectory, and

It’s no secret that diesel and petrol cars are to be phased out by 2040 in the UK, leaving hybrids and electric cars to take their place on the roads.

Charging an electric car

Consequently, you may as well get ahead of the game, or at least have a plan to do so. It’s better to be one of the first to join a new trend than to be the hundredth to capitalise on a popular one, so act fast and go green with what you’re selling.


There’s no point running a business in no man’s land. While it might seem like you ‘have your own turf’ so to speak, you need to be around populated areas. This is the only way you can build up the market awareness of your dealership, and ensure people aren’t just floating past without any awareness that you exist.

If there’s nearby competition, don’t let it put you off. No one ever ousted their rivals by hiding away from them. Get in where the fighting is thickest and locate your dealership in the heart of a town or city, and make sure you attract all the attention you possibly can. What’s more, you need an address people can recognise and isn’t too far to travel.

Protecting Your Investment

It can be tough to see your business as an investment rather than a passion project, but reality must kick into gear sooner or later. Your car dealership is an investment, and it’s important that you protect it with layers of safety procedures and top-notch insurance models. Only then you can operate your dealership lawfully and start to build up a good reputation for safety and legitimacy too.

For example, AJG International provide quality motor trade insurance, with over 50 years expertise in the area. Any help is good help, and there’s no sense in running a dangerous dealership that flogs faulty old bangers without a modicum of humility. Moreover, AJG offer risk management advice, helping you make certain that your company is as legitimate and ethical as it can possibly be in its running.

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