5 Unconventional Online Side Hustles to Try during Lockdown

With the majority of the world under lockdown thanks to COVID-19, Peter Watton, from matched betting specialists OddsMonkey, takes a look at some unusual side hustles you can try from home.

There’s no doubt about it, COVID-19 has changed the face of the way we work, at least in the short-term. Currently, more than four in five people worldwide are affected by work closures and there is expected to be a reduction of 6.7 million working hours across the globe in the months ahead (ILO).

With so much uncertainty, it’s little wonder many people are looking for ways to boost their finances. Side hustles are already big business in the UK — contributing around £72 billion to the economy (Henley) — but I expect even more people to seek extra work under the current circumstances.

So, if you are looking to pick up a side hustle, I thought it might be worth looking at some you can perform from home that may not be the most immediately obvious. These five unconventional lines of work are well worth looking into.

Become a translator

Can you speak another language other than English? Then you could find work as a translator. While automated services are improving all the time, there is still a big demand for those with language skills to create accurate translations for all types of business.

There are a few routes into this field that you might want to consider. You can often find job listings for part- or full-time roles posted on job sites, you can sign up to a translation platform and take on jobs at your own pace, or you could go it alone as a freelance worker and seek your own projects.

Try your hand at streaming

Considering the current situation, it’s not surprising that a lot more internet video content is being watched right now. In fact, Twitch, the world’s most popular streaming platform, clocked in 3 billion hours viewed for the first time between January–March 2020 (Streamlabs). Therefore, there’s never been a better time to get online and start streaming yourself.

A Sony video camera

While gaming is the biggest draw for viewers, streaming is really starting to expand its scope, so you will find feeds dedicated to all sorts of things, ranging from crafts and hobbies to business seminars and industry updates. This means that, whatever you’re passionate about, there’s probably a market for quality content on the topic.

Licence out your photographs

If you have skills in photography, you may be able to licence out some of your pictures to earn some extra money. While it’s not the ideal time to start a business that requires a lot of photoshoots, this is a low-effort activity should you already have a library of images you could put to work.

The obvious places to start are stock photo websites, where you can upload your offerings and get them in front of those looking for new content. And, if you have the time and the creativity, there’s nothing stopping you from shooting some new stock images in and around your own living space — there’s sure to be a demand for new work from home pictures!

Place some matched bets

Even though most of the regular sporting seasons are now on pause, there is still room to add some extra income through matched betting. This low-risk method involves betting on both outcomes of an event, making use of free bet offers from bookies to make a profit.

The beauty of this technique is that you don’t need to know about what you’re betting on, as you’re covering each possibility, so you will generate a profit no matter the outcome. This is ideal when you find yourself placing bets on strange events, like home darts, virtual horse racing, or e-sports. Plus, because your income from this activity is classed as winnings, you won’t need to pay any tax.

A candlestick chart and trading screen

Start day trading on the markets

You may have noticed that the stock markets have recently taken many blows thanks to panic from the COVID-19 crisis. And, while this means that things are extremely volatile at the moment, there is room for turning a quick profit by day trading on recovering shares.

It should be noted that this is a high-risk side hustle and requires some capital to invest. You will also need to verse yourself in how the markets work and how to invest. MoneyHighStreet has a guide to getting into day trading that is worth a read as a starting point.

Consider these five unconventional side hustles and you might just find the perfect way to top up your income during these testing times.

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