One Two Trade: Binary Trading for Everyone

If you’re a risk-averse type who’s always shied away from trading for fear of losing every last bean you own, you might be surprised to learn that there is a safe and easy way of trading to make money. Binary options are straightforward, up-or-down trades that can be very lucrative if you play your cards right – and you don’t have to be an expert at trading to succeed.

Trading Binary Options

As an investor, you make a prediction as to whether you think the price of an asset will go up or down. You can trade on everything from a currency such as the dollar, to a commodity like sugar, or company stocks to market indices.

A fixed return is predetermined before a trade happens so that you know the level of risk you are committing to from the outset.

If you, as an investor, correctly predict that the price of a given asset will rise or fall by a certain time, you can clean up with some tidy profits. The turnaround time is quick, with most trades taking place in under an hour.

The rewards gained from trading in binary options are typically much higher than those from other trading options and can often deliver over 70 per cent return on investment.

The clue is in the name: OneTwoTrade is a state-of-the-art trading platform that makes trading binary options accessible to all. OneTwoTrade has transformed something that has the potential to be mind-bogglingly complex into a simple and user-friendly experience, with its SmartOptions product.

Every new client is assigned a dedicated account manager who provides ongoing support and advice.

Usually, account managers come with a price tag, but at OneTwoTrade, which prides itself on its excellent customer service, there is no retainer fee. Voted as the world’s number one SmartOption trading platform by its clients, OneTwoTrade gets consistently high reviews for its customer care, product and website.

Clients have access to free seminars, analyst meetings and market alerts, which are delivered daily to email inboxes.  The OneTwoTrade facebook and twitter pages also keep clients regularly informed.  Seasoned investors can make use of a personalised training plan, tailored towards their individual investment goals.

In order to trade using the SmartOptions product, investors jump online, pick an asset and decide whether they think its prices will rise or fall within a given time period. Thirty minutes is a popular timeframe.

Nervy, new-to-the-game investors can start with as little as £10 – and risk-loving pros can opt for much more than this. After deciding how much money to hand over, it’s a question of clicking trade and that’s all there is to it.

The customer is king at OneTwoTrade, which has invested heavily in bespoke software and powerful hardware. Rigorous quality control checks are performed to ensure that clients can trade safely and securely.

OneTwoTrade won’t surprise you with any hidden commissions or spreads, so that the payout you see is the payout you receive, provided you predict correctly. Any new client who is unsuccessful in their first ten trades will be compensated by a full money-back guarantee plus an extra 10 per cent – unprecedented in the world of binary trading platforms.

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