Offline Marketing – Tools for Affordable Business Growth

The world is growing more and more dependent on digital communication every single day and, naturally, the presence of digital marketing is continuing to rise alongside it. But there’s still a very valuable place for so called “offline marketing” materials. Tools that small budget conscious business can use to their advantage.

A brief browse around companies that prints online will show a wide variety of highly affordable marketing materials, to make the biggest impact on potential customers.

Physical Marketing in a Digital World

You’d be forgiven for thinking initially that digital marketing will be cheaper – but when you think a little longer you realise that actually it can become very expensive very quickly. Digital design is a much specialised skill, if you’re going to hire a professional it can get costly. And if you do it yourself, you risk it looking amateurish unless you happen to have the necessary talent and experience. Also you have to keep good track of your budget; before you know it you are spending more than you wish.

Thanks to low operating costs however, online printing companies can offer you excellent value for money – especially when you consider that you have the option of ordering a sample before you commit so you’re sure of what you’re investing in. Special discounts if you order in bulk also help getting the best price for your marketing tools. Offline, physical marketing materials also have a significant psychological advantage in the minds of your customers.

Living in an increasingly digital world many people are beginning to resent the influx of digital marketing they’re subject to. A physical flyer or sign is a refreshingly analogue of engendering good will towards your business while also marking yourself out from the crowd. With that in mind, let’s briefly discuss some highly useful offline marketing methods you can employ at a low cost.

A business card close up

Business Cards: Let´s Keep in Touch

Many are surprised how prevalent and effective business cards still are – they’re still widely used and with good reason. Concise, easy to carry, and always available; a business card is something every small business owner needs to have with them at all times – you never know when that golden networking opportunity might come up and you want to make sure you’re able to easily leave your business details with a potential client or customer.

Flyers: Reach a Large Group of Customers

Flyers are the ideal solution for a business looking to reach a wide number of people with a relatively low investment. You can get a high volume of attractive, informative flyers printed and even if a third of the people who get one become customers, you’ll be building your business. They’re ideal for use at public gatherings or industry events as well, whether you’re handing them out personally or you just have a stack available for interested parties to take.

Banners: Great for Events

Banners and other physical signs are a highly versatile way to grow your business. Not only can you place them outside your actual premises, but subject to the correct permissions you can put them anywhere to drive customers to you. They’re especially useful if your business isn’t located in an obvious location as if customers can’t find you easily they may lose interest and go elsewhere. Consider the variations in size and attractive design available and they’re an ideal investment.

Printed brochures an magazines

Booklets: Present your company

A brochure or booklet can be a great way to present your company to potential clients. It helps distinguish your business from competitors and can give clients just the final push they may need to choose your company over another one. Since you can leave a booklet behind, it also helps to increase your brand awareness; with an attractive design a brochure will probably be shown around a company and more people get to know your business.

In these digital times, offline marketing tools still offer great value at an affordable cost for (small) businesses!

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