Top Tips for Motivating Your Digital Marketing Team

Managing people is never an easy task, but it is one that can be done. To become a pro, it tends to take years of developing your communication skills and understanding what makes people tick. With that being said, if you are managing a digital marketing team, then you probably want insight regarding how you can keep the team motivated. When your team is inspired, you find that it’s far easier to reach your goals and objectives and do so without feeling like you’re pulling teeth.

Below you’re going to find top tips for motivating your team that could make a difference.

Find out What They Need

The first tip for motivating your digital marketing team is to find out what they need. To effectively motivate people and keep employees happy, you first have to focus on meeting their core needs. If, for instance, your team member is worried about how they’re going to pick up their child from nursery on time as a result of being asked to work late, their concentration and productivity may be off. In the same respect, if they’re used to working in silence and there are ongoing distractions in the work environment, it can reduce productivity. Find out what they need to achieve maximum productivity and provide solutions.

Encourage them to Take breaks

Another tip for getting your digital marketing team to be more productive is encouraging them to take regular breaks. Some people develop the bad habit of working at their desks for hours on end without a break. While this may develop an unwavering work ethic, it can be counterproductive in many ways. At times, all they need to increase motivation is a break and time to recharge.

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They could take a social media break, play casino games on platforms like Unibet or do anything else that distracts them from work during break times. The goal should be to get them to do something completely unrelated to their work, so their brain gets the reboot it needs.

Encourage Wellbeing

Wellbeing in the workplace is continually being redefined for many reasons. One may be the effect it has on how motivated employees are. Encourage your team members to look after their mental health and wellbeing before anything else. Showing them that you care about them as people can motivate them to give work their best and also encourage loyalty. Workplace mental health is important, so encourage a healthy balance.

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Satisfy Their Financial Needs

Money isn’t the be all and end all; however, the reality is that if employees feel they’re being paid enough, they’re more motivated to work well. This works the other way round too when they feel used, and as though they’re overworked, it can result in demotivation.

If you aren’t sure how much they should be paid, consider factors such as location, professional qualifications, and experience. You should also consider how much basic pay is as well as what you think they deserve.

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